Public Sale of Land – Municipal Government Act

Public Sale of Land – Municipal Government Act

All land sold at this auction is sold subject to the terms of The Municipal Government Act, Chapter

M-26 RSA 2000”

The Municipal Government Act provides that the owner may redeem this property at any time prior

to the time of the sale by paying all taxes which are in arrears. Section 423(3) states that “There is

no right under Section 415 to pay the tax arrears in respect of a parcel after it is declared sold.”

Public sale of landPurchasers are also reminded that they must conform with the provisions of the Development

Control By-law in the use of the land purchased and that any development or building on the site is

subject to the Building Regulations and other By-laws of The City.

The City therefore makes no representation concerning the possibility of development or that the

purchaser will be able to secure Certificate of Compliance and Permits required by By-law before 

any development can take place.

All properties in the sale have been viewed externally and an estimate of the market value of each

parcel has been made. This estimate of market value is used as the reserve price and it represents

the minimum bid that will be accepted during the sale. The list of properties will be read once only,

with bids being accepted as each parcel is called out. Once bids have been declared closed, no

further bidding will take place. There will be no going back to items that have been previously called out.

When sold Tax Sale properties may be subject to the Goods and Service Tax. Purchasers who are

registered pursuant to Part 9 of the “Excise Tax Act (Canada)” and regulations thereto will be

responsible to remit and to pay the G.S.T. attributable to the Tax Sale directly to Excise Canada

and where the purchaser is not registered pursuant to Part 9 of the ”Excise Tax Act (Canada)” and 

regulations thereto The City of Calgary will collect any G.S.T. attributable to the Tax Sale from the

purchaser as an adjustment charge upon closing and will remit the tax directly to Excise Canada.

The terms applicable to the sale of all improved properties are one-third (1/3) cash or cheque at the

date of sale and the balance of the payment within 30 days of the date of the sale.

On all unimproved properties, the terms are one-third (1/3) cash or cheque at the date of the sale or 

a minimum payment of $500.00, whichever is the greater, the balance due being payable within 60

days of the date of sale, with interest at prime plus 1% per annum being in effect at the Royal Bank

of Canada and calculated on the unpaid balance.

 All properties are subject to the Tax Sale if the total outstanding property taxes remain outstanding

prior to the Tax Sale.

Properties may be deleted from this list as they are paid and indicated a NIL balance.

Tax Sale – 2016 April 14 in the Calgary Power Reception Hall, City Hall, 700 Macleod Trail, S.E. at 

10:00 a.m.

For a list of the addresses please visit The reserve bids will be

available online, no later than 2016 March 31.

Each parcel will be offered for sale, subject to a reserve bid and to the reservations and conditions

contained in the existing certificate of title.

The land is being offered for sale on an "as is, where is" basis and The City of Calgary makes no

representation and gives no warranty whatsoever as to the adequacy of services, soil conditions,

land use districting, building and development conditions, absence or presence of environmental

contamination, or the developability of the subject land for any intended use by the Purchaser. No

bid will be accepted where the bidder attempts to attach conditions precedent to the sale of any

parcel. No terms and conditions of sale will be considered other than those specified by The City of


The City of Calgary may, after the public auction, become the owner of any parcel of land that is not

sold at the public auction.

In accordance with Section 424(1) and (3) of the Municipal Government Act, (1) "The municipality

at whose request a tax recovery notification was endorsed on the certificate of title for a parcel of

land may become the owner of the parcel after the public auction, if the parcel is not sold at the

public auction," (3) "A municipality that becomes the owner of a parcel of land pursuant to

subsection (1) acquires the land free of all encumbrances, except (a) encumbrances arising from

claims of the Crown in right of Canada, (b) irrigation of drainage debentures, (c) registered

easements and instrument, (d) right of entry orders."

Terms: On all improved property, one-third cash (or cheque) is required on the date of sale and the

balance within 30 days. On all other property, one-third cash (or cheque), with a minimum cash

payment of $500, is required on the date of sale and the balance due being payable within 60 days

of the date of sale, with interest at prime plus one per cent per annum calculated on the unpaid

balance. All sales are subject to current taxes.

GST may apply on properties sold at the public auction.

Redemption may be effected by payment of all arrears of taxes and costs at any time prior to the

date of the sale.

For a list of the addresses please visit

The reserve bids will be available online no later than 2016 March 31.

Dated at Calgary, Alberta, 2016 February 3

Original signed by:

Allan Gee

Manager, Tax, Receivable & Payable


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