Tax sale properties Midland – Ontario

Tax sale properties Midland – Ontario

Mar 24, 2016 Tax sale properties Midland – Ontario

Tax sale properties Midland – Ontario

Sale of Land for Tax Arrears By Public Tender
Ventes de terrains par appel d'offres pour arriéré d'impôt


TAKE NOTICE that tenders are invited for the purchase of the land(s) 
described below and will be received until 3:00 p.m. local time on March 
24, 2016, at the Town of Midland Municipal Office, 575 Dominion 
Avenue, Midland Ontario

The tenders will then be opened in public on the same day as soon as 
possible after 3:00 p.m. at the Town of Midland Municipal Office, 575 
Dominion Avenue, Midland.

Ontario tax sale properties - MidlandDescription of Land(s):

Roll No. 43 74 030 001 21200 0000; 8869 County Rd 93, Midland; PIN 
58463-0020(LT); Part South 1/2 Lot 102 Concession 1 WPR Tiny as in 
RO849017; S/T Executions 00-02037 and 99-01293, If Enforceable; 
Midland. File 14-60
Minimum Tender Amount:$82,000.00

Tenders must be submitted in the prescribed form and must be accompanied 
by a deposit in the form of a money order or of a bank draft or cheque 
certified by a bank or trust corporation payable to the municipality and 
representing at least 20 per cent of the tender amount.

Except as follows, the municipality makes no representation regarding 
the title to, environmental contamination of, or any other matters 
relating to the lands to be sold. Responsibility for ascertaining these 
matters rests with the potential purchasers.

This sale is governed by the 
Municipal Act, 2001 and the Municipal Tax Sales Rules made under that Act. 

The successful purchaser will be required 
to pay the amount tendered plus accumulated taxes, HST if applicable and 
the relevant land transfer tax.

The municipality has no obligation to provide vacant possession to the 
successful purchaser.

For further information regarding this sale and a copy of the prescribed 
form of tender contact:

Pamela Wayne
Manager of Revenue and Taxation
The Corporation of the Town of Midland
575 Dominion Avenue
Midland ON L4R 1R2
705-526-4275 Ext. 2224


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