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Manitoba Rooming House Assistance Program

What is the Manitoba Rooming House Assistance Program?

The Manitoba Rooming House Assistance Program (RHAP) provides financial assistance to private owners of rooming houses in Manitoba to repair or rehabilitate their property. Repairs will bring rooming houses up to a minimum level of safety for tenants and may also improve livability.

Ontario Renovates Program

What properties are eligible?

  • Four or more bed units rented or intended to be rented on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Rented or intended to be rented to occupants who are not relatives of the owner.
  • Property must be a minimum of five (5) years old.
  • Property must require major repair or be lacking in basic safety, health, and/or structural requirements of the Manitoba Fire Code, and other deficiencies that put tenants at risk.

Legal and licensed by the appropriate municipal authority with rents registered with the Residential Tenancies Branch.
Located in Manitoba outside of First Nations communities.
Not currently earning forgivable financial assistance under a federal, provincial or federal/provincial government housing program.
Not receiving ongoing operating subsidy or assistance under, provincial, federal/provincial program (does not include rent supplement).

How much assistance is available under the Manitoba Rooming House Assistance Program?

Southern Manitoba:
Number of Units Maximum Funding per Bed Unit

4 to 6 $25,000

7 to 10 $20,000

11+ $18,000

Northern Manitoba:
Number of Units Maximum Funding per Bed Unit

4 to 6 $29,000

7 to 10 $24,000

11+ $22,000

The assistance available is in the form of a forgivable loan and is based on the cost of mandatory repairs and the number of eligible bed units within a project.
Please note:

Work done before program approval is not eligible for financial assistance.
All mandatory repairs must be completed in order to receive assistance
You will also be responsible for any repair costs that exceed the financial assistance available under the Manitoba Rooming House Assistance Program.
Manitoba Rooming House Assistance Program financial assistance in non-repayable unless your property is sold within 10 years of the completion of the repairs.

How to Apply for Manitoba Manitoba Rooming House Assistance Program

Manitoba Housing releases a request for applications for Rental Housing Improvement Program assistance annually. Check this web page for information on the next application intake.

Ontario Renovates Program

If you want more details, or information on other repair programs, please contact Manitoba Housing or see our repair program page.

Manitoba Housing
Housing Delivery Branch
200-352 Donald St.
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2H8
E-mail: housingprograms@gov.mb.ca

Telephone: (204) 945-0778 in Winnipeg or
Toll Free at: 1-866-689-5566 outside of Winnipeg

Home Adaptations For Seniors’ Independence

Home Adaptations For Seniors' Independence

The Home Adaptations for Seniors' Independence program provides funding to homeowners and landlords so that they can make home renovations that will benefit seniors.

Delivered by: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

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