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Ontario Sheriff’s Sale of Lands – Vaughan

Jun 16, 2016

Under And By Virtue Of a Writ of Seizure and Sale issued out of the Superior Court of Justice at Milton court dated June 26, 2014, Sheriff’s File 14-1736, to me directed, against the real and personal property of Giuseppa Gaglio aka Pina Gaglio, Defendant, at the suit of Bank of Montreal, Plaintiff, I have seized and taken in execution all the right, title, interest and equity of redemption of Giuseppa Gaglio aka Pina Gaglio in and to:Lot 12, Plan 65M3359, Vaughan. S/T Right As In LT1422120 S/T Row Over PT 6 65R22303 In Favour Of LT 11 PL 65M3359, As In LT1475878.T/W Ease Over PT LT 11 PL 65M3359, PT 1, 65R22828, As In LT1547215. (Amended 2002/1/18 M. Mudie) S/T Ease IN FAVOUR OF LT 13, PL 65M3359, OVER PT LT 12, PL 65M3359, PT 2, 65R22828 AS IN YR97622; NEWMARKET LAND TITLES OFFICE FOR THE LAND TITLES DIVISION OF YORK (NO.65) and municipally known as,

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