Manitoba Emergency Repair Program

Manitoba Emergency Repair Program for Homeowners

Homeowners with low income may be
eligible for financial assistance for
emergency repairs to their home.
Eligible homeowners

Manitoba Emergency Repair Program

You may be eligible for assistance if the
following applies to you:

  • The home you are making an application for is:

                – in need of emergency repair
                – your primary residence
               – located in Manitoba outside of First Nations communities

  • Your total gross household income is at or below the income limit set by Manitoba Housing for your community. Contact Manitoba Housing for more information about gross household income limits set for your community, and other requirements to qualify for this program.

Eligible repairs for Manitoba Emergency Repair Program for Homeowners

Homeowners may be eligible for financial assistance for the following:

  • a structural failure of any kind
  • a major plumbing leak or a failure of ater supply components (for example,pumps and tanks)
  • the failure of the main source of heat
  • severe damage to, or failure of, the building exterior of your home (for example, roof, exterior walls, windows, doors)

A program officer may visit your home to determine what emergency repairs are needed. Manitoba Emergency Repair Program for
Homeowners Helping homeowners with low income make emergency home repairs

Manitoba Emergency Repair Program

Available assistance Manitoba Emergency Repair Program for Homeowners

Up to $5,000 for eligible emergency repairs may be available to qualified homeowners. If your home is located in a northern or remote community, up to $9,000 may be available to qualified homeowners.

Manitoba Emergency Repair Program

Important notes for Manitoba Emergency Repair Program for Homeowners

  • All emergency repairs must be completed within 90 days of approval.
  • You are responsible for any repair costs that exceed the financial assistance available under the Manitoba Emergency Repair Program for Homeowners.
  • Work done before you receive program approval is not eligible for financial assistance.

How to apply for Manitoba Emergency Repair Program for Homeowners

If you want an application package, or for more information on our other repair programs, please contact Manitoba Housing or visit

Manitoba Emergency Repair Program

Phone: 204-945-5566 in Winnipeg or toll-free 1-866-689-5566 outside of Winnipeg.
In person: 2nd Floor – 352 Donald Street
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2H8

The Manitoba Emergency Repair Program for Homeowners is provided with financial support from the Government of Canada.

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