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Flipping houses for profit LIVE workshop

Flipping houses for profit LIVE workshop

Are you ready to flip houses
for instant PROFIT !

Do you want to learn how to  flip
houses in Toronto?

This Flipping houses for profit real estate
one day workshop being held in Toronto-Ontario

Flipping houses for profit LIVE workshop

You will learn, how to

  1. Top 10 sources of finding Deep Discounted Real Estate deals
  2. How to buy Canadian real estate pennies on a dollar
  3. Evaluate any property in Canada
  4. Forgivable down payment
  5. Finding deep discounted deals in Ontario
  6. Distressed owners begging you for Help!
  7. Flip houses like a pancakes
  8. Fix and flip for Profits
  9. Wholesale (assignments)
  10. Manual provided
  11. Full disclosures
  12. Surplus properties
    Hidden profits in Power of sale/Foreclosure redemption period
    Canadian real estate Auctions
    Private Canadian hard money lenders
    Increase CASH flow and VALUE of your house at no cost
  13. Teaching  to small group of investors
Location: TBA
Time: 9:30 am- 4:30 pm Saturday
Fees : $99.98+HST online
Fees at the door : $109.99+HST
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Canadian real estate investment experts with
the proven track record.

If you want to learn how to
flip then this is how you do it.
Learn from someone who is
flipping  in Canada.

Learn what these houses
can sell for and the
profit potential on each house.

This is what we teach.







And it’s what you need to know!

No one else offers this type of
workshop period!

It is the best fixing and flipping
houses training out there.
Our student results speak for

Seats for the Flipping houses for profit
real estate one day workshop is are
selling out.







We sold a bunch of seats already.
It will be SOLD OUT.
If you want to start flipping houses
for profit then start by doing
something about it.

Grab one of those seats!


You are only one deal away from
financial freedom.

How badly do you want it?

P.S Get your ticket before
we are SOLD OUT. 

Get your  ticket now!

Don’t forget to bring the receipt.
Number of tickets

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Advanced Canadian Real Estate Investors training & Coaching

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