Canadian Real Estate Investment Strategies Apprenticeship (CREISA)

Canadian Real Estate Investment Strategies Apprenticeship (CREISA) is two  day intensive program where each apprentice whether being a novice or a seasonal investor will learn the fundamentals of investing in real estate with minimum liability and maximum profitability.

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Canadian Real Estate Investment Strategies Apprenticeship (CREISA) is designed with the combined experience of 70 years of real estate investing where you will learn over 30 different strategies/techniques, and over 6 no money down secrets through a hands-on, in the trenches approach to learning. It is proven that the best way of learning is not by reading, or by the audio/video but through hands-on training where one can retain up to 90% of the information.

Canadian Real Estate Investment Strategies Apprenticeship (CREISA) will begin by teaching you the basics to very sophisticated investing tools and techniques which can empower you to start making money up front instead of by using the conventional way which involves risks and opens you to be subject to the ups and downs of the market.

We have taken out the words speculation, gambling, and risk completely from this apprenticeship, and provide a positive, optimistic and legal way to make large income.

What would you learn at Canadian Real Estate Investment Strategies Apprenticeship (CREISA)

  1. Top 30 Canadian real estate investment strategies
  2. Top 10 Canadian tax savings techniques for real estate investors
  3. Top 5 Canadian forgivable grants for Canadian real estate
  4. Top 10 sources where Canadian panic sellers call you to sell their property at a discount.
  5. Top 10 sources for finding deep discounted Canadian real estate deals
  1. Marketing on steroids automatic lead generator
  2. Over 50 steps of Due Diligence
  3. How to make an instant profit now and passive income for life
  4. Creative financing with no credit, no job and no money down
  5. Setting up your Canadian real estate investment business
  6. How to find top Canadian real estate professionals

The Non-Requirements for Canadian Real Estate Investment Strategies Apprenticeship (CREISA).

For you to attend the Canadian Real Estate Investment Strategies Apprenticeship (CREISA) you DO NOT need to have:

  • Good credit.
  • A full time job.
  • Large capital.
  • Any qualifications or educational background

All you need is the determination and desire to learn and achieve your goals. You will start using the knowledge you have obtained in this apprenticeship the minute you step out of the room.

Once you finish the apprenticeship, networking and support will be provided to you to ensure your continued success. We already have an exclusive network of over 17,000+ Canadian Real estate investors from coast to coast which will be at your disposal.

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How will this Canadian Real Estate Investment Strategies Apprenticeship (CREISA) Benefit me?

What is included in apprenticeship

There will be networking meetings held to enhance your acquired skills and knowledge.

During the Canadian Real Estate Investment Strategies Apprenticeship (CREISA), there will be no case studies instead, there will be calls coming from panic property sellers where you will learn how to handle the calls, write up an offer and complete the transactions professionally.

This is the most powerful real estate investors training/seminar /boot camp/apprenticeship where you will be armed with education, knowledge and networking abilities.

Pay FULL tuition fee and receive the following at no charge

  1. We will provide you deep discounted Canadian real estate leads for 60 days ( value $1998)
  2. 10 days of email support (Value $1998)
  3. Homework-Marketing on steroids, preparation for apprenticeship (value $1998)
  4. One hour consulting with Canadian real estate Expert Mentor  (Value $1998)
  5. Eye witness, boots on the ground field LIVE training (value $1998)
  6. Two days of high-value intensive training LIVE over 30 strategies ( value $9998)

This is the most powerful real estate investors training/seminar /boot camp/apprenticeship where you will be armed with education, knowledge and networking abilities. For more information about this apprenticeship and upcoming times and locations, send us an email at or call Pam at 1-647-393-6100

Date : To be announced

Timings of Apprenticeship

Time: 11:00 am – 8:45 pm (EST)


Dates: Please call 1-416-409-7300 Total Value $19,900.00

SPECIAL  = $4998.00 plus HST

I AM LIVE - Join Me!

Deposit $999

To Register, $999.99 non-refundable deposit required 20, 10 seats available. Would you like to add your name to the waiting list? Reserve your seat now at More to Earn More. Reserve your seat now for next apprenticeship Deposit $999.99 only!

Reserve it now !


Get your ticket before seats sell out!

The #1 Live practical apprenticeship for impact-driven House Flippers, Wholesalers &

long term buy and hold for MASSIVE and PASSIVE income for life!


The #1 Live Event for Impact-Driven real estate investing,

Flipping & Wholesaling in Canada since 1993

Trainers for apprenticeship

Brian Madigan LL.B.

Brian Madigan

Commended by RCMP & various organizations

Canadian Real Estate litigation adviser, mediator, arbitrator and trainer.

• Practiced law in Canada for  more than 25 years, over 1,000 court appearances, published over 1,200 articles on Canadian Real Estate• Appears in court as a Canadian Real Estate Expert• Over 5,000  Canadian Real Estate transactions• Speaker, Canadian Bar Association; Lecturer, Law Society of Upper Canada; Instructor Bar Admission Course, Instructor for World Wealth Builders, and Professional Real Estate Investors Group(PREIG)  Canada.

Speaker, Canadian Bar Association; Lecturer, Law Society of Upper Canada; Instructor for Bar Admission Course, Instructor for World Wealth Builders and Professional Real Estate Investors Group(PREIG)  Canada and

Navtaj Chandhoke

Navtaj Chandhoke

Canadian Real Estate investor since 1981, author, master trainer & keynote speaker

Founder: Canada’s largest REI Club

Coaching and training investors since 1993

Guest Speaker at University of Toronto

Field training in

BC Supreme court-Vancouver-BC

Nova Scotia Supreme court-Halifax-NS

Alberta Supreme Court-Calgary-AB

The superior court of Justice-Toronto-Ont

Economic Development Officers-Cities

Shared Stage with Canada’s RE tycoons, Mr. Wonderful Kevin O’Leary (CBC Dragons Den), Jay Abraham, Stephen Young (Former CFL)

Empowered over 500,000+ Canadians real estate investors since 1993.

Navtaj Chandhoke

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Empowering Canadian Real Estate Investors since 1993

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