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How long does the foreclosure process take in Nova Scotia

How long does the foreclosure process take in Nova Scotia

Most of the property owners do not realize the

If no defence is filed and your lender, financial institution or the bank goes through the normal steps, foreclosure takes 2 to 3 months from the filing of the Notice of Action and Statement of Claim to the concluded sale. It may take longer, depending on the court schedule in Nova Scotia.

So, how long does the foreclosure process take in Nova Scotia:

The foreclosure process in Nova Scotia can take 2 to 3 months:

1. The 15 days to file a defence after being served the Notice of Action

(longer than 15 days if you are served outside of Nova Scotia, as set out above).

2. If no defence is filed, your lender, financial institution or the bank  can schedule the Motion to court for Order for Foreclosure, Sale and Possession, with 2 days’ notice.

3. The 15 days’ notice required between the Order for Foreclosure, Sale and Possession and advertisement for the sale at public auction.

4. The 15 day time limit for the successful bidder at the auction to pay the full purchase price.

The rest of the time involved will depend on how quickly your lender, financial institution or the bank  decides to proceed, and the availability of a judge to hear the case and grant the orders.

If a defence is filed by the property owner,  the above timeline can vary a lot. Your lender, financial institution or the bank  may make a motion to court for summary judgment, and how long things will take will depend on the success of the defence, as well as the court schedule.

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                                                               How long does the foreclosure process take in Nova Scotia?

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