New Brunswick Tax Sale Properties County of Westmorland

Notice of New Brunswick Tax Sale Properties County of Westmorland. The real properties listed hereunder will be sold at public auction on October 23, 2017, at 10:00 a.m., at the Service New Brunswick centre located at 770 Main Street, Assumption Place, in the City of Moncton, in the County of Westmorland and Province of New Brunswick:

New Brunswick Tax Sale Properties County of Westmorland

Les biens immobiliers énumérés ci-dessous seront vendus aux enchères le 23 octobre 2017, à 10 heures, au centre de Services Nouveau-Brunswick situé au 770, rue Main, Place de l’Assomption, dans la ville de Moncton, comté de Westmorland au Nouveau-Brunswick :























Notice of New Brunswick Tax Sale Properties County of Westmorland

For complete metes and bounds description of the real property, refer to schedules posted at the Service New Brunswick centres. The above real properties are to be sold for nonpayment of taxes in ac-cordance with the provisions of section 12 of the Real Property Tax Act, and are subject to a ninety-day redemption period, pursuant to sec-tion 13 of the Real Property Tax Act. Terms of Sale: Full payment immediately following sale by cash (Canadian funds) or cheque. The prospective purchaser should make all inspections and investiga-tions they consider necessary including a search of title. The real properties will be sold on an “as is” basis and the Province will make no warranty whatsoever with regard to title. The highest or any bid not necessarily accepted. Dated at Fredericton the 24th day of August, 2017.

Pour une description complète des bornes et limites des biens immobi-liers, consulter les listes affichées dans les centres Services Nouveau-Brunswick. Les biens immobiliers susmentionnés sont mis en vente pour non-paiement d’impôt conformément aux dispositions de l’article 12 de la Loi sur l’impôt foncier. Ils sont par ailleurs assujettis à une période de rachat de quatre-vingt-dix jours en vertu de l’article 13 de la Loi sur l’impôt foncier. Conditions de vente : Paiement complet au comptant ou par chèque (en fonds canadiens) immédiatement après la vente. L’acheteur éventuel est tenu d’effectuer toutes les inspections et les en-quêtes qu’ils jugent nécessaires, y compris une recherche de titre de propriété. Les biens immobiliers seront vendus tels quels et le gouvernement pro-vincial n’offre aucune garantie quant aux titres de propriété. Aucune des soumissions, pas même la meilleure offre, ne sera forcé-ment acceptée. Fait à Fredericton le 24 août 2017.

New Brunswick Tax Sale Properties - County of Westmorland


Dany Couillard

Provincial Tax Commissioner                                                                        Commissaire de l’impôt provincial

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The city of Calgary 2016 tax sale

The City of Calgary 2016 Tax Sale

Public Sale of Land

City Calgary 2016 Tax Sale

Municipal Government Act “Chapter M – 26 RSA 2000”

Notice is hereby given, that under the provisions of the Municipal Government Act, City Calgary 2016 Tax Sale will offer for sale by Public Auction, in the Calgary Power Reception Hall, City Hall, 700

Macleod Trail, S.E. on Thursday, 2016 April 14 at 10:00 a.m. in the forenoon, the following listed lands:

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Missing a mortgage payment in Canada

Missing a mortgage payment in Canada

Missing a Mortgage Payment in Canada


Missing a mortgage payment in Canada is a serious matter. The reason a Canadian homeowner goes into foreclosure or power of sale is important for all to understand. As a Canadian homeowner one can be prepared for such a situation as the aforementioned, and as a Canadian professional real estate investor, one can be informed as to what causes foreclosure or power of sale and how to be of service. Death, job loss, medical expenses, and divorce are a few of the most common reasons Canadians face foreclose or power of sale on a home. These factors are real and an everyday part of society.

Falling behind on your payments can trigger power of sale process in Ontario. According to the Ontario Mortgage act 'Where a mortgage by its terms confers a power of sale upon a certain default, notice of exercising the power of sale shall not be given until the default has continued for at least fifteen days, and the sale shall not be made for at least thirty-five days after the notice has been given'  R.S.O. 1990, c. M.40, s. 32.

Missing a mortgage payment in Canada and cash flow issues going on and Canadian home owners try to juggle and decide which debts to repay. It’s tough but can be worked out.

Canadian Homes: Foreclosure or Power of Sale?

Both circumstances are a legal process designed to provide the Canadian lender an option to sell the property in the event the Canadian homeowner defaults or misses several payments.

Foreclosures in Canada involve the judiciary system, making it a much slower process which can take up to 6-10 months to resolve. We see foreclosures most commonly in Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Power of Sale, on the other hand, is much quicker. In some cases the power of sale can happen within weeks, but you will generally have a 35 day redemption period. This means you will have 35 days after being served notice to pay all your debts (including incurred fees) and get thing back on track. Power of Sale is currently being seen frequently in Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

What can you do about missing a mortgage payment?

Option 1: Contact your lender or bank as soon as possible1

Canadian lenders would always prefer not to go through the foreclosure or power of sale process. Their goal is to safeguard their investment and assist Canadian homeowners to find a reasonable and affordable solution.

Canadian homeowners tend to be very reluctant to contact their lenders out of fear and uncertainty.

With the majority of Canadian lenders, being forced out of the home happens only when all efforts and options have been fully explored.

The Canadian mortgage lenders may be able to offer you following four options

  • Change amortization to lower monthly payments
  • Switching from a variable rate to a fixed mortgage to provide a consistent payment plan you can budget for without fear of any future interest rate increase
  • Refinancing or second mortgage
  • There may be an option to add missed payments to the back of your current mortgage

There is limited action the Canadian mortgage lender or bank will take in the early days besides calling you and remind you to pay in time.

Option 2: Ignore and hope it will all will disappear3

Ignoring your oustanding debt will certaintly draw the attention of Canadian lenders and banks. In the long run, cooperation works much better and saves you the cost and hassle for all parties involved.

Option 3: Consolidate all of your debts

The cheapest way to rent or borrow money is with your first mortgage on a principal residence in Canada. Before you stop paying the unsecured debt to make your payments more affordable, make sure you seek out professional advice in order to plan your financing.

Finding a solution to deal with any other debts i.e. credit cards, lines of credit, consolidate loans etc. is all the help people need to obtain a positive cash flow each month and make paying down their debts significantly easier.

One of the key things to look at if you are about to miss a mortgage payment is whether you can afford the house you live in, or whether you’re over-extended on your debt.

If you decide your house is unaffordable then there are essentially two options.

  • Obviously if there is equity in the house, selling the house is the best option.
  • If you are in a negative equity situation then this needs to be carefully planned and professional advice is required.

4Option 4: Make payments first rather than unsecured debt

The general rule if you want to keep your home is, your mortgage must be the top priority over all of your other debts. You will have many more options to deal with unsecured debt vs. secured debt.

Public Sale of Land – Municipal Government Act

Public Sale of Land – Municipal Government Act

All land sold at this auction is sold subject to the terms of The Municipal Government Act, Chapter M-26 RSA 2000”.

The Municipal Government Act provides that the owner may redeem this property at any time prior to the time of the sale by paying all taxes which are in arrears. Section 423(3) states that “There is no right under Section 415 to pay the tax arrears in respect of a parcel after it is declared sold.”

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