We Buy Houses in Canada

We buy houses in Canada to provide instant cash, fast closing to avoid foreclosure, eviction and help fellow Canadians to downsize and move forward.Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada is helping fellow Canadians in need and we buy houses in Canada for cash with fast closing.

We buy houses in Canada

We understand the urgency of time and money. We buy houses in Canada will make a written offer for you to review it with your real estate lawyer and get independent legal opinion.

We are here for helping fellow Canadians in need, now leads from the front when it comes to helping Canadians in and around the area to sell their homes really fast.

With deep roots and insights in finance and Canadian real estate, we have helped innumerable Canadians to sell their homes without much of hassles whatsoever.

We are Canadian cash home buyers. The reason you want to sell your home for cash and fast is important to us to make sure that you are able to move forward. Together we can come up with a win/win solution. We buy houses from Canadian Home owners are facing one of following challenges

We Buy Houses

Behind mortgage payments

  • Needs cash now
  • Bank/Lender refuses to renew mortgage
  • Demand letter by the bank, pay up or get sued
  • Avoid eviction orders by court
  • Missing mortgage payments
  • Unemployed
  • Laid off
  • Property requires renovation
  • Work orders by city inspectors
  • Avoid seizure of your property
  • Behind Taxes with Canada Revenue Agency
  • Right to redeem (power of sale/foreclosures)
  • Non renewable of Mortgage
  • Fire damage properties

Power of Sale

  • Tax Sale
  • Sheriff Sale
  • Court case
  • Eviction by Sheriff
  • Law suits
  • Expired MLS listings
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcies
  • Homes in probate
  • Family problems
  • Sickness
  • Foreclosures
  • Poor health
  • Pay off debts
  • Accidents
  • Downsize
  • Old age
  • Sellers whose employers transfer them
  • Owners who are evicting tenants
Sell houses for CASH

Vacant Homes

  • Trashed or damaged homes
  • No-Commission
  • Fire damaged properties
  • Estate Sales
  • Death
  • Drugs
  • Grow Op houses
  • Meth labs
  • Murder
  • Stigmatized properties
  • Flood/wind damage properties
  • Seized properties
  • Auctions
  • Sell me your property
  • Sell it fast for Cash

All paper work approved in writing by the home owners Lawyer FIRST.

What is important is that you are treated fairly with respect and dignity and get out of the situation really fast.

We buy houses in Canada

With a considerable experience, expertise, knowledge, and vital industry exposure, Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada is always successful in assisting Canadians to sell their properties without much of hassles.

By doing so, we have helped innumerable Canadians in need of money get quick cash. We buy any and almost every type of homes and properties. Therefore, Canadian property owners who must sell due to relocating or need fast cash owing to an urgent need, want to sell properties without involving in lengthy and cumbersome procedure.

We Buy Houses in Canada for Cash Fast Closing

In any condition and irrespective of the location and condition. Despite the price range and condition of the property, we help Canadian property owners dispose of the property right away. Moreover, we offer no obligation offer to enable Canadian home owners to make the right decision for them.

Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada is the best resource for those who want to know how to sell their house in Canada for quick cash and fast closing.

Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada is known to provide a win-win situation to those who are in a dire need of money and want to sell their home fast.

We Buy Houses

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We Buy Houses

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Ontario tax sale properties Norfolk County


TAKE NOTICE that tenders are invited for the purchase of the land(s) described below and will be received until 3:00 p.m. local time on November 9, 2017, at the Municipal Office, 50 Colborne Street S., Simcoe, ON N3Y 4H3

Ontario Tax Sale properties Guelph






Ontario tax sale properties Norfolk County

The tenders will then be opened in public on the same day as soon as possible after 3:00 p.m. at the Municipal Office, 50 Colborne Street S., Simcoe.

Nov 9,2017 Ontario tax sale properties Norfolk County Description of Land(s):

ROLL NO. 33 10 543 020 01600 0000, 905 FORESTRY FARM RD, PIN 50130-0191 LT, PT LT 24 CON 6 SOUTH WALSINGHAM AS IN NR554545; NORFOLK COUNTY, FILE NKNK14-021-TT Minimum Tender Amount: $20,183.83

ROLL NO. 33 10 335 020 00800 0000, 13 ALICE ST, PIN 50278−0374 LT, PT LT 1 BLK 25 PL 19B; PT LT 7 CON 8 TOWNSEND PT 1, 2 37R6256; NORFOLK COUNTY, FILE NKNK14-057-TT Minimum Tender Amount: $30,392.48

ROLL NO. 33 10 401 010 13500 0000, 40-42 ROBINSON ST, PIN 50225−0097 LT, PT LT C BLK 95 PL 182 PT 1, 2 & 6 37R2609 T/W NR487221; NORFOLK COUNTY, FILE NKNK15-004-TT Minimum Tender Amount: $45,403.30

ROLL NO. 33 10 492 007 08100 0000, 454 EAST ST, PIN 50163−0187 LT, LT 21 BLK 22 PL 189; NORFOLK COUNTY, FILE NKNK15029-TT

Minimum Tender Amount: $32,983.35

ROLL NO. 33 10 493 040 02425 0000, MCDOWELL RD E, PIN 50192−0348 LT, PT LT 18 CON 8 CHARLOTTEVILLE PT 4 37R8327; NORFOLK COUNTY, FILE NKNK15-030-TT Minimum Tender Amount: $8,461.48

ROLL NO. 33 10 334 030 78000 0000, 38 NEW LAKESHORE RD, PIN 50248-0166 LT, PT LT 13 CON 1 WOODHOUSE PT 1 & 2 37R2753; NORFOLK COUNTY, FILE NKNK16-004-TT Minimum Tender Amount: $75,736.92

ROLL NO. 33 10 401 007 03700 0000, 101 KING LANE, PIN 502230062 LT, LT 159 BLK 60 PL 182; NORFOLK COUNTY, FILE NKNK16-007-TT

Minimum Tender Amount: $59,436.84

ROLL NO. 33 10 401 010 13400 0000, 44 ROBINSON ST, PIN 50225-0096 LT, PT LT C, D BLK 95 PL 182 PT 1 & 2 37R3844 T/W NR537653; TOWN OF SIMCOE, NORFOLK COUNTY, FILE NKNK16-015-TT

Ontario Tax Sale properties Guelph

Minimum Tender Amount: $32,774.57

ROLL NO. 33 10 401 011 21400 0000, 130 COLBORNE ST S, PIN 50214-0028 LT, PT LT 9−10 BLK 107 PL 182 AS IN NR538269 S/T & T/W NR538269; NORFOLK COUNTY, FILE NKNK16-018-TT Minimum Tender Amount: $18,162.08

ROLL NO. 33 10 402 010 09000 0000, 691 NORFOLK ST S, PIN 50237-0109 LT, PT LT 1, CON 4, WOODHOUSE BEING PT 1 ON 37R8316; NORFOLK COUNTY, FILE NKNK16-022-TT Minimum Tender Amount: $12,846.91

ROLL NO. 33 10 401 003 18100 0000, 300 COLBORNE ST N, PIN 50227−0180 LT, PT LT 2−3 BLK 48 PL 182 AS IN NR468166; S/T INTEREST IN NR468166; NORFOLK COUNTY, FILE NKNK16025-TT

Minimum Tender Amount: $26,149.57

ROLL NO. 33 10 543 050 00600 0000, 2808 LAKESHORE RD, PIN 50113-0137 LT, LT 4 S/S FRONT RD PL 30B EXCEPT PT 2 37R5297; NORFOLK COUNTY, FILE NKNK16-035-TT Minimum Tender Amount: $15,125.51

ROLL NO. 33 10 544 001 16000 0000, 1057 BAY ST, PIN 50120-0635 LT, PT LT 1 PARKLT F PL 16B AS IN NR541279; NORFOLK COUNTY, FILE NKNK16-037-TT

Minimum Tender Amount: $12,243.74

ROLL NO. 33 10 545 010 12100 0000, 785 NORFOLK COUNTY RD 28, PIN 50106-0144 LT, PT LT 9 CON 2 HOUGHTON PT 1, 2 37R1474; S/T NR240118; NORFOLK COUNTY, FILE NKNK16040-TT

Minimum Tender Amount: $13,693.64

Tenders must be submitted in the prescribed form and must be accompanied by a deposit in the form of a money order or of a bank draft or cheque certified by a bank or trust corporation payable to the municipality (or board) and representing at least 20 per cent of the tender amount.

Except as follows, the municipality makes no representation regarding the title to, existing interests in favour of the Crown, environmental concerns or any other matters relating to the land(s) to be sold. Any existing Federal or Provincial Crown liens or executions will remain on title and may become the responsibility of the potential purchaser.

Responsibility for ascertaining these matters rests with the potential purchasers.

This sale is governed by the Municipal Act, 2001 and the Municipal Tax Sales Rules made under that Act. The successful purchaser will be required to pay the amount tendered plus accumulated taxes and the relevant land transfer tax.

The municipality has no obligation to provide vacant possession to the successful purchaser.

H.S.T. may be payable by the successful purchaser.

For further information regarding this sale and a copy of the prescribed form of tender contact

Mrs. Sue Boughner

Tax Collector/Manager Revenue &


The Corporation of Norfolk County

50 Colborne Street S.

Simcoe, ON N3Y 4H3

(519) 426-5870 Ext. 1280


We believe the information contained in this article to be accurate. It is presented with the understanding that we are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or investment advice. When professional assistance is required, utilize the services of a licensed real estate broker, lawyer, accountant, or other consultant as may be required.

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