Hard Money Lenders in Canada

Hard Money Lenders in Canada

Hard Money Lenders in Canada Canadian real estate is one of the most expensive investments one can make. This is why most Canadians borrow money to buy or invest property. There are different financing options that Canadian real estate investors can choose based on their financial status and financing needs. Canadian mortgages and hard money financing are two of the best real estate financing options for real estate investors.Hard Money Lenders in Canada

Mortgages are usually taken on by Canadian homebuyers to pay for a home they want to live in. To qualify for a mortgage, one must have 5%-20% minimum down payment. Canadian banks and financial institutions also check the borrower’s credit history to ensure that they are qualified.

Hard Money Lenders in Canada are Different

These are mortgages taken by Canadian real estate investors to finance fix and flip deals who might have taken coaching and or apprenticeship from Flipping4Profit.ca

Canadian homeowners can also enjoy the benefits that hard money financing offers to fix and flip their own principal residence.

Top TEN benefits of using Canadian Hard Money lenders for real estate FLIPS

Hard Money Lenders in Canada are asset based private lenders

Hard Money Lenders in CanadaHard money financing is asset based refers to a short-term real estate mortgage secured by the value of a property. Canadian hard money lenders don’t care about a Canadian real estate investor’s credit worthiness as long as they have a property whose value exceeds the mortgage amount.

A Canadian real estate investor would approach the lender to finance the purchase and repair of a “fixer-upper” property.

The expectation is that the final sale value or after repair value (ARV) of the property would make enough of a profit to pay off the mortgage.

A Canadian hard money lender would typically ask for the property evaluation in “as, is” condition and after repair value (SRV) in the form of an AACI appraisal. They also loan to value estimates and the Canadian real estate investors plan to renovate or build the property.

Because the loan is secured by the property’s value, lenders don’t place a lot of weight on a borrower’s credit history. They would prefer to lend to someone that has a history of successful property flips or a larger down payment. Successful Canadian real estate investors carry less risk as they know their way around the property market.

Also, if a property deal doesn’t go as planned, the Canadian hard money lender is more likely to recoup their money if the borrower had made a large down payment. The sale of the property would cover the balance of the loan amount. This is why many hard money lenders need a minimum down payment of 5-35% of the property sale price.

Hard Money Lenders in Canada can lend 100% of Purchase price

Hard Money Lenders in CanadaThere are some 100% Canadian hard money financing that can lend you the full purchase value of the property with no down payment requirements. These “no money down” loans take into account the profitability of a real estate project.

Most Canadian hard money finance mortgages have a payment term of between one to six months.

Because of their higher risk and shorter payment period, interest rates are often higher than mortgage interest rates.

Most hard finance loans have an interest rate of 12-18% or higher, depending on your risk profile.

Hard Money Lenders in Canada are for Fix and Flip investors

Canadian Hard money loans also have origination fees called “lenders fees”. This is a set percentage of a mortgage amount that the lenders charge to process, fund and service a hard money loan.

These fees range from between 3-5% of the mortgage amount. So, if you borrow $200,000 on a loan that charges three percent lenders fee you will need to pay an extra $6000 on top of your down payment.


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Off market real estate deals

Off Market Deals

An off-market property is a home that is not listed on the multiple listing service (MLS) with a Realtor in Canada. Both Canadian professional real estate investors and home sellers often think that an off-market property provides a more “exclusive” transaction.

Off market usually means that the property has been taken off of the market for some reason. This means that the property could be back on the market at some later date. If the property was on the market and sold, then the property should reflect “sold” not off the market. 

There are several ways to find off market real estate deals for Canadian professional real estate investors. One can learn from Canadian real estate experts by attending Canadian real estate investment strategy apprenticeship.

Top 20 Sources for Off Market Real Estate deals in Canada

  1. Direct Mail
  2. Online Resources Kijjiji & Craigslist
  3. Real Estate Networking
  4. Realtors
  5. Expired listings
  6. Contractors
  7. Wholesalers
  8. Bird Dogs
  9. Word Of Mouth
  10. Real Estate auctions
  1. Driving for Dollars
  2. Social media
  3. Tired landlords
  4. Branding
  5. Lawyers and Accountants
  6. Real estate investors
  7. Vested properties
  8. Civil enforcements
  9. For sale by owners (FSBO)
  10. Fellow local investors

Some Canadian home sellers may opt for an off-market listing to test the waters while others want a more private sales process to save the commission. Certain Canadian home sellers even think a pocket listing creates an allure that will get them an even higher price. After all, if the home is listed and ends up sitting on the market for more than 30 days, there’s a good chance potential Canadian home investors or buyers may try to make lowball offers. Without the “days on the market” ticker going off, there isn’t a chance that a seller will be undercut.

Off-market real estate listings are properties that are for sale, but aren’t listed on the (MLS) multiple listing services. Many of these properties are exclusive, prestigious listings that a realtor keeps in their back pocket. Off-market listings give Canadian home investors exclusive access to inventory, and a better chance at closing a deal at deep discounted prices. To get access to these listings, Canadian home investors can approach agents or Canadian home sellers directly, or try going online. 

A house-hunting means competing with hundreds of other prospective Canadian home investors and buyers. Properties that are for sale off-market means that the buyer is competing with only one or two other people, increasing their chances of closing on the property.

Off-Market Deals

In the highly competitive market of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Windsor – home sellers expect a quick sale. In off-market deals, Canadian home sellers are typically not in a rush to sell, driving the competition down and allowing prospective Canadian home investors to look over the proper thoroughly before making an offer.

As a result of no time pressure, a sweet deal can be made that would never be possible in the open market including vendor take back mortgages at reasonable rates. 

Sellers who are thinking of selling in the near future have the option to use an off-market deal to test the buying waters. There is the option to accept an offer if one comes in, or don’t accept and not upset any tenants, family members or neighbors. 

Canadian home investors who are looking to gain a competitive advantage and Canadian home sellers looking to keep a sale private should consider the off-market option.

Then again, not all “off-market” deals are worth buying. In fact, a huge portion of off-market deals aren’t on the market because… you guessed it, they want more than the property is worth.

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Real Estate auctions in Canada

Real Estate auctions in Canada happen in different ways. One of the powerful way of marketing is real estate auctions in Canada. It is another secret for Canadian professional real estate investors. 

Real estate auctions in Canada are a great way to get a deep Real Estate auctions in Canadadiscount on real estate. There are highly motivated Canadian property owners who sell their properties at auctions due to circumstances. Here are the following Canadian real estate property owners or their representative who market their properties by auctions.

  1. Executors
  2. Retiring / Downsizing
  3.  Health Issue
  4. Owners of over-improved properties
  5. Owners of vacant properties
  6. Owners of multiple properties
  7. Owners who have listed with no result
  8. Farm land
  9. Acreage
  10. Bankruptcies

These real estate auctions in Canada included farmland, condominiums, commercial & industrial properties, as well as private homes.

But, Real estate auctions in Canada do have a catch. The Canadian real estate property may be non-financeable by charter banks of Canada. If the property is non-financeable then the entire purchase price must be paid in cash, plus the buyer’s premium, plus closing costs.

Getting title insurance on the property can be challenge. Real estate auctions in Canada properties are sold as is, where is.

But, putting those aside, buying a Canadian real estate property in Canada in auction can help you reap huge rewards.

For example, an Alberta home worth $3.9 million was sold for $1.7 million. That’s less than half of the houses original value. The same thing happened with a house down the street, where a $2.9 million mansion was sold at a 62% discount.

A Victoria mansion was attracting 2,000 people for tours of the home and despite that only one bidder came forward. The price for the mansion was negotiated in private, but it is very likely the bidder got a very good deal.

A mansion at 40 Park Lane Circle, worth $23 million, was more than 21,000 square feet drew a lot of bids before selling for a bargain price of $13.4 million

If you haven’t notice by now, there is a trend between auctions and good deals on properties, and that’s why they’re such a good place to get deep discounted real estate.

List of upcoming Real Estate Auctions in Canada

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You may be wondering “why would anyone sell their home at an auction” but there is a good reason why?

In Real estate auctions in Canada, the Canadian property seller sets all of the sale terms, to the deposit amount and close date, all viewing dates are pre-set, and all offers are firm without any conditions. Canadian real estate auction allows a lot more control to the seller which some people value.

Canadian municipal tax sale properties are also sold at auctions, and often are very promising.

Canadian real estate investors need to learn different stratgies, techniques and know how by attending Canadian real estate investors apprenticeship as well as eye witness LIVE training in real life.

Auctions can be beneficial to Canadian real estate investors and the seller. The buyer gets a great deal on the property while the Canadian property seller gets control and has the property sold.

Sell Your House for INSTANT CASH

Sell Your House for INSTANT CASH

Sell Your House for INSTANT CASH with Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada. PREIG Canada is helping fellow Canadians in need and we buy houses in Canada for cash with fast closing.We buy houses in Canada to provide instant cash, fast closing to avoid foreclosure, eviction and help fellow Canadians to downsize and move forward.Sell Your House for INSTANT CASH








We understand the urgency of time and money. We buy houses in Canada will make a written offer for you to review it with your real estate lawyer and get independent legal opinion.

Why you need to sell  your property really         Fast for instant cash


 Bank/Lender refuses to renew mortgage
 Estate Sales
 Eviction by Sheriff
 Family problems
 Fire damaged properties
 Flood/wind damage properties
 Homes in probate
 Law suits
 Trashed or damaged homes
Abandon properties
Avoid eviction orders by court
Avoid seizure of your property
Behind mortgage payments
Behind Taxes with Canada Revenue Agency
Cash offer
Civil enforcement
Court case
Demand letter by the bank, pay up or get sued
Distress Owner
Expired MLS listings
Fast closing
Finacial difficulties
Fire damage properties
Fixer upper
Getting rid of problems
Grow Op houses
Laid off
Management problem
Meth labs
Missing mortgage payments
Motivated seller
Empty home
Needs cash now
Needs repair
Non renewable of Mortgage
Old age
Owners who are evicting tenants
Pay off debts
Poor health
Power of sale
Property requires renovation
Right to redeem (power of sale/foreclosures)
Run down property
Running out of cash
Seized properties
Sell my house fast
Sellers whose employers transfer them
Sheriff Sale
Stigmatized properties
Tax Sale
Tired landlord
Vacant homes
Vacant lot
We buy ugly houses
Work orders by city inspectors

We buy houses in Canada helping fellow Canadians in need now leads from the front when it comes to helping Canadians in and around the area to sell their homes really fast.

 With deep roots and insights in finance and Canadian real estate, we have helped innumerable Canadians to sell their homes without much of hassles whatsoever.

Sell Your House for INSTANT CASH

We buy houses in Canada and we are cash home buyers. The reason you want to sell your home for cash and fast is important to us to make sure that you are able to move forward. Together we can come together with win/win solution.

Sell Your House for INSTANT CASH

We buy house due to Canadian Home owners are facing one of following challenges;

Sell Your House for INSTANT CASH

All paper work approved in writing by the home owners Lawyer FIRST.

What is important is that you are treated fairly with respect and dignity and get out of the situation really fast.Sell Your House for INSTANT CASH

With a considerable experience, expertise, knowledge, and vital industry exposure, Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada is always successful in assisting Canadians to sell their properties without much of hassles.

Sell Your House for INSTANT CASH

By doing so, we have helped innumerable Canadians in need of money get quick cash. We buy any and almost every type of homes and properties. Therefore, Canadian property owners who must sell due to relocating or need fast cash owing to an urgent need, want to sell properties without involving in lengthy and cumbersome procedure.

We buy homes in Canada in any condition and irrespective of the location and condition. Despite the price range and condition of the property, we help Canadian property owners dispose of the property right away. Moreover, we offer no obligation offer to enable Canadian home owners to make the right decision for them.

Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada is the best resource for those who want to know how to sell their house in Canada for quick cash and fast closing.

Sell Your House for INSTANT CASH

About Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada

Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada is known to provide a win-win situation to those who are in a dire need of money and want to sell their home fast.

Sell Your House for INSTANT CASH

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