Here is my story. I attended the 2 hour seminar in Winnipeg this spring. I was interested in learning about tax sales and grants so I decided to attend the 3 day training event in Toronto.
As an active investor I was able to use my training right away. I applied for a rebate program for some recent purchases and was able to pocket over $11k which more than paid off my training costs! With my new knowledge I was also able to act as a consultant and earn a tidy profit.

Ken Pawluk, Winnipeg-Manitoba Canada
Hello Navtaj,

I would like to commend you on your recent article where you reference the RCMP’s strategy to combat illegal marihuana grow operations and the organized crime groups running them in all corners of the country. These grow ops harm our communities and your article will help draw attention to the consequences, inherent hazards and destructive impacts these activities and criminal groups have on our communities.

Thank you once again.

Marc-André Massie
Communication Strategist | Stratège en communication
Serious and Organized Crime | Crimes graves et crime organisé
Royal Canadian Mounted Police | Gendarmerie royale du Canada
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Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada

Marc-André Massie
My 74 year old widowed aunt bought a house as a first time buyer which needed much renovations. I brought her and was able to help her fill out the HRAP papers as she is eligible for up to $20k in forgivable grant money. I also sent the forms to a coworker whose mother was in the same situation.
As you can see a little bit of training has more than paid itself in a very short time. Nav's training fills a void in a niche market. With a little effort anyone can do this! Cheers!

Ken Pawluk, Winnipeg-Manitoba Canada
Happy to give your student a great referral. Your creative financing has saved me at least $200,000 so far.

Alistair Whitehead, Calgary, Alberta, Sep 30th, 2015