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Webinar for your convenience Learn from fellow Canadian real estate experts with PROVEN track record.

Catch a real estate investing webinar taught by fellow Canadian real estate experts with proven track record.

The most up-to-date Canadian real estate investing education

The Only Hands On, Roll-up Your Sleeves, Let us-get-to-work,
Here Is How You Do It, Begin-starting MASSIVE and PASSIVE income for life.

A Unique and rare opportunity to hear from
Canada’s leading Real Estate Experts!

Why A Canadian real estate investment Webinar?

It all begins with Webinars—the practical high value education online.
These learning experiences from experts with decades of success are
shared with fellow Canadian real estate investors.

We have been teaching Canadian real estate investors from coast to coast
for 29 years, and our experts are super active Canadian real estate investors.

You will learn “how to”

Flip houses for Instant profit
• Acquire properties pennies on a dollar

100% full disclosures
• Wholesaling (assignments) Canadian real estate
• Forgivable Canadian real estate grants
• Investing in rental properties
• BRRRR techniques
• Foreclosures and power of sale properties
• Foreclosure lists
• Tax liens properties in Canada
• Civil enforcement (Sheriff sale)
• Repossessed properties by banks
• Latest strategies and tactics
• Coaching, mastermind, networking & Support
Apprenticeship programs
• Hottest Canadian real estate leads
Hard money
• Field trips in Canadian courts (Eye witness real time, real deals)
• And lot more…

Questions and Answers:

Ask for clarification during the Q&A period we hold at the end of each session.


Only 496 spots are available! Reserve your spot now! Due to the nature of this webinar we’re expecting all the lines fill up.


Time: 9:00 p.m. – 10:35 p.m. Eastern Time

Date:  Available upon registration

Zoom Link will be sent it to you one hour before the webinar.

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In today’s real estate market there are tremendous opportunities for the savvy Canadian real estate investor.
Flipping for instant profit real estate webinar can give you leading-edge, strategies to find, fund, and finalize lucrative deals in every area of the country – once you know where to look.

Please share this with your family and friends.

If you’ve never invested before, don’t worry! You are actually at an advantage because you have no bad habits to “unlearn.”



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