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Tax Sale

A Tax Sale is conducted annually and includes properties with three years of unpaid taxes and penalties (i.e., current year plus the two preceding years). In the City of Winnipeg, the Tax Sale is not a public auction as the City exercises its right, under legislation, to be the sole purchaser of properties listed in Tax Sale. The Tax Sale is the start of a process that may, or may not, lead to the City acquiring Title to the property. What happens, in effect, is that the City purchases the Tax Sale Certificate which, after the passage of one full year from the date of the Sale, will entitle the City to apply for ownership of the property if it has not been redeemed. Should this happen, the City acquires the property for the amount of outstanding taxes. Tax Sale penalty information.

Redemption from Tax Sale can take place from the City of Winnipeg within one year after the date of Tax Sale, but only by full payment of the total amount outstanding. Also, the registered owner retains the right to sell the property and may choose to exercise this option. Following the one year redemption period the City forwards a list of the unredeemed properties to the District Registrar at the Winnipeg Land Titles Offices, and requests the City of Winnipeg Legal Services Division to begin the process involved in applying for the issuance of Title into the name of the City. At this time, and up until Title issues to the City, redemption must take place at the Winnipeg Land Titles Office. The length of time it takes for Title to change is dependent on the particular circumstances of each property.

It should be noted that the City of Winnipeg makes every effort to ascertain the circumstances of each situation, and provide any assistance that may be required.

Approved 2016 Tax Sale Schedule

2016 Charter Activity
May 5 (Thur) 2016 Property Tax Bill is mailed. Tax Bill will include message that property is liable for 2016 Tax Sale
July 13 (Wed) Mail 1st Notice to Registered Property owner
August 17 (Wed) Mail 2nd Notice to Registered Property owner
September 30 (Fri) Payment Deadline for 2014 taxes.
NOTE: that after September 30th, to avoid being Sold in Tax Sale the registered owner must pay off their outstanding taxes in full. No partial payments can be accepted.
October 6 (Thurs) Prepare Tax Sale List
Prepare Administrative Tax Sale List for City Assessor
October 22 (Sat) Tax Sale List appears in Manitoba Gazette
November 7 (Mon) Final Notice to Registered Property owner
November 30 (Wed) Final Payment of all outstanding taxes for 2014, 2015 & 2016
December 9 (Fri) Tax Sale 121
Prepare & Send Administrative Report to City Assessor
December 8 (Thu) Final Date processing for redemption through the City for Tax Sale 120


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