Yukon Down Payment Assistance Program

Yukon Down Payment Assistance Program

Yukon Down Payment Assistance Program:

Beginning in 2005, the cost of homes in the Yukon began increasing sharply and, over the last 6 years, have nearly doubled in price. This has directly increased the required minimum down payment which has made saving a down payment more difficult for many potential homebuyers.

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Windsor Homeownership 10% Down Payment Program

Windsor Homeownership 10% Down Payment Program

Windsor Homeownership 10% Down Payment ProgramWindsor Homeownership 10% Down Payment Program:

The federal and provincial governments partnered to fund a Homeownership 10% Down Payment Program for Windsor and Essex County in 2013. It is expected the program can provide assistance for approximately 30 to 40 households. Down Payment assistance of 10% of the purchase price of an eligible home, up to a maximum of $17,300 is provided by a 20 yearforgivable loan registered on title as a second mortgage. The Windsor Homeownership 10% Down Payment Program expires December 10, 2013, or when program funds are depleted, whichever occurs first.

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Secondary Suites In Canada

Secondary Suites In Canada

What are secondary suites?

The term “secondary suite” is generally used to describe a self-contained dwelling unit with its own kitchen and bathroom, which is separate from the principal dwelling in a house. It can be located either within the principal dwelling or in an accessory building on the same lot as the principal dwelling. These units are also known as “accessory apartments” and “in-law suites.” 

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Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Programs (RRAP)

Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Programs (RRAP)

Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Programs (RRAP)Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is Canada's national housing agency. We are committed to helping Canadians access a wide choice of quality, affordable homes, while making vibrant, healthy communities and cities a reality across the country. CMHC works to enhance Canada's housing finance options, assist Canadians who cannot afford housing in the private market, improve building standards and housing construction, and provide policymakers with the information and analysis they need to sustain a vibrant housing market in Canada.

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Rent Supplement Program In Ontario

Rent Supplement Program In Ontario

Strong Communities Rent Supplement Program

The City administers a provincial program that provides rent supplements to private landlords who house low income households, entitled the "Strong Communities Rent Supplement Program". This program is a relatively cost-effective way of making housing affordable.

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Rent Bank in Ontario

Rent Bank in Ontario

Rent Bank In Ontario

Tenants in Ontario facing eviction for non-payment of rent can apply to receive financial assistance from the Ontario provincial rent bank program i.e. Rent Bank in Ontario. If a tenant's application is approved, the outstanding rent is paid directly to the landlord on behalf of the tenant.

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RBC Energy Saving Mortgages

RBC Energy Saving Mortgages

Financial institutions offer a range of mortgages to home buyers and owners who make their homes more energy efficient.

For example, home owners who have a home energy audit within 90 days of receiving an RBC Energy Saver Mortgage, may qualify for a rebate of $300 to their RBC account.

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