Yukon Down Payment Assistance Program

Yukon Down Payment Assistance Program

Yukon Down Payment Assistance Program:

Beginning in 2005, the cost of homes in the Yukon began increasing sharply and, over the last 6 years, have nearly doubled in price. This has directly increased the required minimum down payment which has made saving a down payment more difficult for many potential homebuyers.

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Rent Supplement Program In Ontario

Rent Supplement Program In Ontario

Strong Communities Rent Supplement Program

The City administers a provincial program that provides rent supplements to private landlords who house low income households, entitled the "Strong Communities Rent Supplement Program". This program is a relatively cost-effective way of making housing affordable.

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RBC Energy Saving Mortgages

RBC Energy Saving Mortgages

Financial institutions offer a range of mortgages to home buyers and owners who make their homes more energy efficient.

For example, home owners who have a home energy audit within 90 days of receiving an RBC Energy Saver Mortgage, may qualify for a rebate of $300 to their RBC account.

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