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Using Grants and Tax Credit for Tax Savings​

Grants and Tax Credit for Tax Savings​Senior Homeowner’s Property Tax Grants Ontario

  • This grant helps seniors with the cost of their property taxes.
  • How much money could I receive?
  • You could get up to $500 each year.
  • Use online calculator to see how much money you get
  • Do I qualify?
  • You may qualify for the grant if:
  • you or your spouse/common-law partner paid Ontario property tax in the previous year you meet the income requirements as of December 31 of the previous year, you:
  1. were 64 years of age or older
  2. were a resident of Ontario
  3. owned and occupied your principal residence (or your spouse/common-law partner did).

Grants and Tax Credit for Tax Savings​Child Disability Benefit

If the child is eligible for disability amount and is under 18 then he/she can apply for this kind of benefit.​

Grants and Tax Credit for Tax Savings​Tax (GST/HST) Credit​

Low & modest income people can apply for it after completing the application on the first page of 2015 income tax and benefit return.​

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Windsor Homeownership 10% Down Payment Program

Windsor Homeownership 10% Down Payment Program









The federal and provincial governments partnered to fund a Homeownership 10% Down Payment Program for Windsor and Essex County in 2013. It is expected the program can provide assistance for approximately 30 to 40 households. Down Payment assistance of 10% of the purchase price of an eligible home, up to a maximum of $17,300 is provided by a 20 yearforgivable loan registered on title as a second mortgage. The Windsor Homeownership 10% Down Payment Program expires December 10, 2013, or when program funds are depleted, whichever occurs first.

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Secondary Suites In Canada

What are secondary suites?

The term “secondary suite” is generally used to describe a self-contained dwelling unit with its own kitchen and bathroom, which is separate from the principal dwelling in a house. It can be located either within the principal dwelling or in an accessory building on the same lot as the principal dwelling. These units are also known as “accessory apartments” and “in-law suites.”

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Ontario senior homeowners’ property tax grant (OSHPTG)

The Ontario senior homeowners’ property tax grant (OSHPTG) is intended to help offset property taxes for seniors who own their own home and who have low to moderate incomes. This program is funded entirely by the Province of Ontario. The Canada Revenue Agency administers this program for Ontario.

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President’s Choice Children’s Charity

Starting the day with a nutritious breakfast ensures children are properly fuelled for their day of learning. We support childhood nutrition through our grants to Breakfast for Learning and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.

Breakfast for Learning

We support and sponsor Breakfast for Learning because we are dedicated to improving the lives of children across the country and support their vision of ensuring all kids in Canada attend school well nourished.

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Top Grants and Rebates for British Columbia (BC) Real Estate

Top Grants and Rebates for British Columbia (BC) Real Estate cost saving programs for Professional real estate investors, home/property buyers and owners. British Columbia (BC) Real Estate property owners can take advantage using following grants and rebates. Professional real estate investors have been using these grants and rebates in British Columbia (BC) to have better cash flow and save money.

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