Power of Sale Free Real Estate Seminar

Power of sale free real estate seminar

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a Power of sale free real estate seminar and we would like to invite you to attend!

Default of Mortgage payments

In Ontario, where a Mortgage/homeowner has been in default for at least 15 days, the Mortgages Act entitles Lenders/bank to sell the Mortgaged Property to third parties, enabling it to recover some or all of the debt, as well as its costs of recovery, pursuant to a Power of Sale in Ontario.

The Power of sale seminar

Date & Times

will take place on

Date: April 18th, 2023, Tuesday
Venue :Online LIVE zoom
Time: 7:30 pm- 8:15pm (EST)

Online zoom link


This is a great opportunity for you to earn more by learning Power of sale process in Ontario.

Canadian real estate experts will be sharing their knowledge and expertise, and will cover a range of topics, including:

• What is a power of sale (foreclosure)
• Why homeowners become homeless.
• When the power of sale starts?
• What is the mainstream media telling you?
• How can you help?

How do you make MONEY in Power of Sale properties in Ontario ?
• Hidden PROFITS in Ontario Power of sale

Whether you are a realtor, mortgage broker, real estate lawyer, a seasoned Canadian real estate investor, or simply interested in learning more about Power of Sale (foreclosures) this seminar is for you. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable insights into the Ontario real estate market.

Space is limited for Power of sale free real estate seminar, so we encourage you to register early to secure your spot.

To reserve your seat simply text your Name, Email address to 1-416-409-7300 with subject Power of sale free real estate seminar.

We look forward to seeing you online. Don’t forget to share this event with your friends.

To your success!
Navtaj Chandhoke

Hard Money Lenders in Canada

Hard Money Lenders in Canada

Hard Money Lenders in Canada Canadian real estate is one of the most expensive investments one can make. This is why most Canadians borrow money to buy or invest property. There are different financing options that Canadian real estate investors can choose based on their financial status and financing needs. Canadian mortgages and hard money financing are two of the best real estate financing options for real estate investors.Hard Money Lenders in Canada

Mortgages are usually taken on by Canadian homebuyers to pay for a home they want to live in. To qualify for a mortgage, one must have 5%-20% minimum down payment. Canadian banks and financial institutions also check the borrower’s credit history to ensure that they are qualified.

Hard Money Lenders in Canada are Different

These are mortgages taken by Canadian real estate investors to finance fix and flip deals who might have taken coaching and or apprenticeship from Flipping4Profit.ca

Canadian homeowners can also enjoy the benefits that hard money financing offers to fix and flip their own principal residence.

Top TEN benefits of using Canadian Hard Money lenders for real estate FLIPS

Hard Money Lenders in Canada are asset based private lenders

Hard Money Lenders in CanadaHard money financing is asset based refers to a short-term real estate mortgage secured by the value of a property. Canadian hard money lenders don’t care about a Canadian real estate investor’s credit worthiness as long as they have a property whose value exceeds the mortgage amount.

A Canadian real estate investor would approach the lender to finance the purchase and repair of a “fixer-upper” property.

The expectation is that the final sale value or after repair value (ARV) of the property would make enough of a profit to pay off the mortgage.

A Canadian hard money lender would typically ask for the property evaluation in “as, is” condition and after repair value (SRV) in the form of an AACI appraisal. They also loan to value estimates and the Canadian real estate investors plan to renovate or build the property.

Because the loan is secured by the property’s value, lenders don’t place a lot of weight on a borrower’s credit history. They would prefer to lend to someone that has a history of successful property flips or a larger down payment. Successful Canadian real estate investors carry less risk as they know their way around the property market.

Also, if a property deal doesn’t go as planned, the Canadian hard money lender is more likely to recoup their money if the borrower had made a large down payment. The sale of the property would cover the balance of the loan amount. This is why many hard money lenders need a minimum down payment of 5-35% of the property sale price.

Hard Money Lenders in Canada can lend 100% of Purchase price

Hard Money Lenders in CanadaThere are some 100% Canadian hard money financing that can lend you the full purchase value of the property with no down payment requirements. These “no money down” loans take into account the profitability of a real estate project.

Most Canadian hard money finance mortgages have a payment term of between one to six months.

Because of their higher risk and shorter payment period, interest rates are often higher than mortgage interest rates.

Most hard finance loans have an interest rate of 12-18% or higher, depending on your risk profile.

Hard Money Lenders in Canada are for Fix and Flip investors

Canadian Hard money loans also have origination fees called “lenders fees”. This is a set percentage of a mortgage amount that the lenders charge to process, fund and service a hard money loan.

These fees range from between 3-5% of the mortgage amount. So, if you borrow $200,000 on a loan that charges three percent lenders fee you will need to pay an extra $6000 on top of your down payment.

We Buy Houses in Canada

Fill the form below or please text us at 1-416-409-7300 especially facing eviction, seizure, power of sale, foreclosure..

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We buy houses in Canada to provide instant cash, fast closing to avoid foreclosure, eviction and help fellow Canadians to downsize and move forward.Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada is helping fellow Canadians in need and we buy houses in Canada for cash with fast closing.

We buy houses in Canada

We understand the urgency of time and money. We buy houses in Canada will make a written offer for you to review it with your real estate lawyer and get independent legal opinion.

We are here for helping fellow Canadians in need, now leads from the front when it comes to helping Canadians in and around the area to sell their homes really fast.

With deep roots and insights in finance and Canadian real estate, we have helped innumerable Canadians to sell their homes without much of hassles whatsoever.

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Behind mortgage payments

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  • Bank/Lender refuses to renew mortgage
  • Demand letter by the bank, pay up or get sued
  • Avoid eviction orders by court
  • Missing mortgage payments
  • Unemployed
  • Laid off
  • Property requires renovation
  • Work orders by city inspectors
  • Avoid seizure of your property
  • Behind Taxes with Canada Revenue Agency
  • Right to redeem (power of sale/foreclosures)
  • Non renewable of Mortgage
  • Fire damage properties

Power of Sale

  • Tax Sale
  • Sheriff Sale
  • Court case
  • Eviction by Sheriff
  • Law suits
  • Expired MLS listings
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcies
  • Homes in probate
  • Family problems
  • Sickness
  • Foreclosures
  • Poor health
  • Pay off debts
  • Accidents
  • Downsize
  • Old age
  • Sellers whose employers transfer them
  • Owners who are evicting tenants
Sell houses for CASH

Vacant Homes

  • Trashed or damaged homes
  • No-Commission
  • Fire damaged properties
  • Estate Sales
  • Death
  • Drugs
  • Grow Op houses
  • Meth labs
  • Murder
  • Stigmatized properties
  • Flood/wind damage properties
  • Seized properties
  • Auctions
  • Sell me your property
  • Sell it fast for Cash

All paper work approved in writing by the home owners Lawyer FIRST.

What is important is that you are treated fairly with respect and dignity and get out of the situation really fast.

We buy houses in Canada

With a considerable experience, expertise, knowledge, and vital industry exposure, Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada is always successful in assisting Canadians to sell their properties without much of hassles.

By doing so, we have helped innumerable Canadians in need of money get quick cash. We buy any and almost every type of homes and properties. Therefore, Canadian property owners who must sell due to relocating or need fast cash owing to an urgent need, want to sell properties without involving in lengthy and cumbersome procedure.

We Buy Houses in Canada for Cash Fast Closing

In any condition and irrespective of the location and condition. Despite the price range and condition of the property, we help Canadian property owners dispose of the property right away. Moreover, we offer no obligation offer to enable Canadian home owners to make the right decision for them.

Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada is the best resource for those who want to know how to sell their house in Canada for quick cash and fast closing.

Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada is known to provide a win-win situation to those who are in a dire need of money and want to sell their home fast.

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Alberta Foreclosure LIVE Training

Alberta  Is On Sale

Alberta Foreclosure LIVE Training  can make you a fortune that has been to the sale and that doesn’t include the thousands of homes that haven’t. Homes with mortgages in default, some in foreclosure, some not yet. All with desperate panic sellers looking for an answer

Some are upside down with no hope of being saved from the sale. Others still have plenty of equity but owners who are hurting and can’t save their homes.

There’s never been a time like this, and there may never be again. The rules are getting written daily, and the opportunities are so plentiful and vast, it’s no longer an issue of finding deals, it’s more of a selection process of picking the ripest, low-hanging fruit.

We expect at least another 12 months of fortunes at your feet, and we did an Alberta Foreclosure LIVE Training last year to help you capitalize on it before it’s too late and this rare opportunity passes by. Fortunately for you, you will be able to take Alberta Foreclosure LIVE training 2016 in Calgary this year.

You see, you need to learn how to make money on almost any foreclosure…before, during and after the sale.

You need to see opportunities most don’t, and you need to learn how and where to capitalize on them. We are  willing to share those secrets, strategies and techniques acquired over 30 years of Canadian Real estate experience and help you.

How To Make An Absolute Fortune In This Economy Harvesting                                     Alberta Foreclosure Gold

Here are some of the things we will  cover  in a simple, step-by-step format designed for beginners and pros alike in my three (3) day Alberta foreclosure LIVE Training 2017.









* Let the Panic Home sellers find you to sell their home

* How to find killer deals not in the MLS and target only the best prospects.

* How to pre screen in seconds any and all types of foreclosures whether they come with existing debt, one or two mortgages. This will allow you to get ten times more deals in a fraction of the time.

* It’s probably the biggest mistake most investors make…chasing dead ends.

* How to raise the money to buy houses one at a time or in big blocks, and how to invest capital you have to get 300% returns on cash.

* What to offer on all-cash deals to absolutely guarantee you have a five-figure profit on quick flips you can do in a few days.

* How to have an army of anxious buyers waiting to take all the deals off your hands you can find, and how you can set up a simple but automated system to flip junkers and never talk to your buyer.

* How to get hundreds of thousands of dollars in free equity on houses before they go to the court without risk to you.

* How to buy your next residence with no down payment or credit, even if you’ve been through foreclosure yourself or are in bankruptcy. Your credit is irrelevant. No one will check it.

* How to sell the houses quickly to create cash now, cash flow and big paydays months from now when you least expect them. You’ll learn how to get free assets and turn them into cash. Try that in the stock market.

You’ll learn complete system on pre and post foreclosures in a manual with step-by-step instructions and a clear plan on what to do next, how to do it and how fast you can expect it to pay off at Alberta Foreclosure LIVE Training 2017

Please fill and submit this form to get updates on future real estate events. Once you have submitted the form, check your email. You would have received an email from preigcanada@gmail.com that would ask you to confirm your email address. Please also add preigcanada@gmail.com to receive future updates.

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Alberta Foreclosure LIVE Training

EYE Witness Boots on the ground Alberta Foreclosure LIVE Training  in the foreclosures supreme court

(Real time, real deals)

Reserve your seat at


What you do get is Three (3) days of LIVE apprenticeship and complete systems manual and a day in practical field training which involves LIVE courts and two red hot virgin leads at the Alberta Foreclosure LIVE Training

Don’t think about this. Just reserve your spot while you can. for Alberta Foreclosure LIVE Training  Our class size will be extremely small to get personal attention.

See you at the Alberta Foreclosure LIVE Training 2016!

“Today’s Alberta’s Foreclosure Market Has Created Opportunities For Overnight Wealth Unlike Any Other Time In History…”

Bankruptcy, foreclosure and exodus batter Calgary’s housing market~Geoffrey Morgan of FinacialPost | May 20, 2015 | The number of bankruptcy proposals in Alberta is up 24% in the six months ending in February 2015 The province is also home to the highest share of bankruptcy proposals in Canada

Oil Sands Boom Dries Up in Alberta

Calgary at a Crossroads: The economy’s tanked, now what?

Who we are and who we want to be: New CBC Calgary project focuses on what makes our city tick

By David Perlich, CBC News Posted: Nov 29, 2015

Calgary at a Crossroads, Alberta Foreclosure LIVE Training 2016, Alberta foreclosure seminar, Alberta Foreclosure Training

A look at the city’s character

All of us here at CBC Calgary live and work in the city, so we thought: Let’s take a look at what’s different this time around, and how is it affecting the character of the city.

We’re calling it Calgary at a Crossroads, a continuing special look at all things Calgary that will run over the next five months or so.

We’re going to bring you the stories of our city that focus on our personal relationships with this place we all call home:

  • How we’re coping with the downturn, and how we’re not.
  • How Calgary can be an amazing place to live, and a city that occasionally tempts a resident to buy a plane ticket to “Get-Me-The-Hell-Out-Of-Here.”

Calgary at a Crossroads will live online, on our radio programs and as video stories — and it all starts today.

Average Fort McMurray home price down $117,000 from 2014

The Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors has released a bleak forecast for the upcoming year that projects the downturn will only get worse for the sector.

The CAODC forecasts the rig count in western Canada will plunge in 2016, Alberta Foreclosure LIVE Training 2016, Alberta foreclosure seminar, Alberta Foreclosure Training

Calgary home sales decline the biggest in the country

Real estate listing in Calgary, Alberta Foreclosure LIVE Training 2016, Alberta foreclosure seminar, Alberta Foreclosure Training

Calgary’s resale housing market led the country in October — in a negative way.

MLS sales in the Calgary region were 1,810 for the month, down 36.4 per cent from a year ago. The rate of decline was the highest among Canada’s major housing markets, according to a report released Monday by the Canadian Real Estate Association.

Calgary real estate slides again in November as prices drop 5.1%

Homes sold last month sat on the market for an average of 45 days

CBC News, Posted: Dec 01, 2015

Alberta Foreclosure LIVE Training 2016, Alberta foreclosure seminar, Alberta Foreclosure Training

Home sales and prices continued their year-over-year decline in November, according to the latest aggregated data from the Calgary Real Estate Board.

A total of 1,263 homes were sold in the city last month, down 28.7 per cent from November 2014.

Average sale prices were off 5.1 per cent year-over-year, sliding to $460,859.

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We are also Canadian private hard money lenders. We can offer you multiple solutions to resolve any situation. We can also do short term small private mortgage if required.

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P.S. Success isn’t a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice. So it’s up to you to make the right choice to become successful. If you don’t know what to do it starts with making the choice to register for this LIVE real estate investors training in your town now and making sure you make the right choice to SHOW UP!!! Learn more to earn more!

Are you a Canadian real estate Investor? Join Canada’s largest real estate investors club now.

Making cents

Real Estate Adventure – you know it makes real cents

Real Estate Adventure – you know it makes real cents

Make moneyInvesting in Canadian Real Estate with proper training and coaching can be a great opportunity that makes a lot of real cents.

Have you ever played a game in which you were much better than your opponent? If you want to find deeply discounted real estate deals in the comfort of your own home, you need to have an edge to win.

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