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1.5You might think that where you are right now is far away from where you want to be, and that isn't true. It isn't years away, not even months, but it could be right infront of you. Having an apprenticeship changes everything. The fact is, almost 99% of the Canadian real estate investors who set out to acheive their dreams don’t get them. Even if they work hard and are nice people. That missing Percent can be conquered by learning from our mistakes and our success.

2The first formula is finding Canadian Real estate deals at a deep discount. That is the most important skill any Canadian real estate investor can have. Why? Because instead of waiting 20 years to make a profit, you can make it instantly. Appreciation and inflation takes forever. Guessing and speculating always leads to being bankrupt. After each real estate bust, the gamblers are the ones who lose it all. If a real estate investor is having trouble profiting, it is most likely a problem with how they acquire. Either they don’t know how to invest in deep discounted deals or they don’t know these deals exist. provides you eye witness ,real time, real deal training with your own boots on the ground.

The next formula is to have a Real Estate investment coach who has a proven track record. If you want to make massive and passive income, make sure to team up with an entourage 3of experts and coaches. No matter what anyone tells you, investing in Canadian real estate is a team effort. You team doesn't only have to include Canadian real estate investors, it can also include lenders, realtors, brokers, contractors and all of these people can be part of your entourage.  Your entourage will help you reach your dreams of success in Canadian real estate. Keep in mind that a team need to be developed early on. Real estate investors believe that once they are successful then they can build a team, but it is the opposite. Put together a team now instead of later, and you can create 4massive income.

Networking is the third most important component. At Professional Real Estate Investors Group (PREIG) Canada, networking with other investors becomes really easy. Relationships will help you acheive your goal of success, and create massive and passive income.

Systems & Strategies: You have to learn solid and reliable system and strategies in the apprenticeship so that your business can still run even without your presence.  Meaning, if you were to go away for just a few days or weeks, your business can still generate income.

6Another formula for success is accountability. If you truly want something bad enough, you have got to hold yourself accountable to your goals, or get someone else to hold you accountable. Without self-discipline, accountability is the distance between you and what you want to achieve in Canadian real estate. 

Ten Commandments of investing in Canadian real estate; That’s because one thing we learned from 5my mentors and coaches is that the glue that holds the business together, is the same thing that holds a family together. The same thing goes for a religion, a sports team, a civilization- Your success in real estate is decided by your ability to follow these commandments.

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