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So You Want To Learn The Process of Flipping Houses in Canada to make instant profits

Flipping houses in Canada is very lucrative business as well as investments. Just like any other business, you must go and learn from You also must become the member of Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada to expand your learning and meeting professional real estate investors.


Step by Step Flipping Houses in Canada Program:

Get the proper training1. Get the proper training: Real estate investment requires the largest financial investment of your life. There are tricks, secrets and strategies in every business. Learn the ropes from fellow Canadian real estate investment experts.



Eye witness boots on the ground LIVE Field Training2. Attend eye witness boots on the ground LIVE field training: Don’t believe those slick snake oil salesman who wants you to buy $50,000.00 seminar and having nothing to show you in your backyard. Go and witness the real deals in real time, that’s called training or boots on the ground.


Canadian real estate investors strategic apprenticeship (CREISA)3. Attend Canadian real estate investors strategic apprenticeship (CREISA): this apprenticeship is designed to provide you maximum benefits “How to do it “strategies. You will benefit a great deal about learning buying deep discounted real estate to using forgivable Canadian real estate grants. This is one of a kind unique apprenticeship which spells success.


Due Diligence4. Top 50 steps of Due Diligence: You must do independent due diligence based upon the facts rather than a opinion.



Start acquiring Canadian real estate deals from 40-85% Discount:5. Start acquiring Canadian real estate deals from 40-85% Discount: You will never find these types of deals on multiple listing services (MLS). Please do not try to rob a fellow Canadian home owner who have cancer or try to take advantage of their circumstances.



Assign the offer (Quick Flip)6. Assign the offer (Quick flip): make sure that you have assignment clause which allows you to assign the contract before closing. The best part of this clause is you are NOT liable in case the deal goes sideways.
 Close the deal with Joint venture partners: It is OK to start investing in Canadian real estate with baby steps and have joint venture partners to provide you money and experience.



Renovate the house with proper building permit8. Renovate the house with proper building permit: Most of the Canadian real estate investors do not acquire building permit and insurance. Make sure that all your contracts are reviewed by your lawyer and there is a time line to finish in time.



Always stage the property9. Always stage the property: would you ever consider going to your own wedding in jeans or top tank.The house must be well decorated to get the top price.What looks great to bare naked eyes always bring top dollars.





Flip the house to end buyer10. Flip the house to end buyer: Be aware of capital gains as well as all expenses. Get the proper advice from Canada Revenue Agency as well as your accountant.




Learn from Canadian real estate investment experts with a proven record.

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P.S. Success isn't a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice. So it's up to you to make the right choice to become successful. If you don't know what to do it starts with making the choice to register for this LIVE real estate investors training in your town now and making sure you make the right choice to SHOW UP!!! Learn more to earn more! 

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