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Letter of intent to purchase real estate is usually expressed to be non-binding .With the exception of the confidentiality and exclusive dealing provision.The purchaser and the property seller often enter into a letter of intent to reflect the basic terms of the real estate deal.


Signing a Letter of Intent

To purchase real estate will allow the Canadian real estate investor a head start. The seller will provide the purchaser with copies of all documents relating to the property. The purchaser can perform a full review prior to enter the transaction.

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Closing of the real estate deal is contingent upon several conditions. .Due diligence of the property requires time. Reviewing of all documentation by lawyers. Securing sufficient mortgage financing by bank requires certain qualification criteria.

The purchaser and the property seller agree to keep confidential all information exchanged with respect to the discussions and the transaction.

Begin Negotiating

The purchaser and the property seller then begin negotiating definitive binding agreements. An unintended consequence of the activities taken during the negotiating period can turn the non-binding letter of intent into a binding agreement.

The purchase and sale agreement must agree in writing while negotiating.

Get sample copy of letter of intent to purchase real estate from your lawyer.


This article of letter of intent is for general information purposes only Consult with a lawyer for your unique situation.

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