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Oct 3,2018 Ontario Tax Sale Properties South Algonquin SALE OF LAND BY PUBLIC TENDER



TAKE NOTICE that tenders are invited for the purchase of the land described below and will be received until 3:00 p.m. local time on October 3, 2018, at the Township of South Algonquin Municipal Office, 7 Third Avenue, Whitney Ontario.

The tenders will then be opened in public on the same day as soon as possible after 3:00 p.m. at the Township of South Algonquin Municipal Office, 7 Third Avenue, Whitney.

Ontario Tax Sale Properties South Algonquin

Description of Land(s):

Roll No. 48 01 040 001 06100 0000; 62 Dawson Rd., Madawaska; PIN 49226-0324 (LT); Parcel 21-1 Section 36M230; Lot 21 Plan M230 Murchison, reserving unto the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario its successors and assigns the right, privilege and easement to raise and keep raised and/or maintained the waters of the Madawaska River to an elevation of 1,030 feet above mean sea level according to the datum of the Geodetic Survey of Canada and to lower and keep lowered the said waters below the said level; with all the consequences thereof whether from flooding, seepage souring or draining of land or otherwise all without any claim for such damage or compensation therefor or in respect thereof; Except Part 1 Plan 36R5849 & Unit 3, Plan D78; South Algonquin; District of Nipissing; File No. 17-01 Minimum Tender Amount: $6,808.10

Tenders must be submitted in the prescribed form and must be accompanied by a deposit in the form of a money order or of a bank draft or cheque certified by a bank or trust corporation payable to the municipality and representing at least 20 per cent of the tender amount.

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Except as follows, the municipality makes no representation regarding the title to, condition or existence of buildings, or any other matters relating to the land to be sold. Responsibility for ascertaining these matters rests with the potential purchasers.

The subject property currently has debris from a structure fire and is considered unsafe as per section 15.9 of the Ontario Building Code Act.

Removal of the debris and remedial work to bring the property to a safe manner will be the responsibility of the purchaser. All work is required to be completed by April 30, 2019.

This sale is governed by the Municipal Act, 2001 and the Municipal Tax Sales Rules made under that Act. The successful purchaser will be required to pay the amount tendered plus accumulated taxes and any taxes that may be applicable, such as a land transfer tax and HST.

The municipality has no obligation to provide vacant possession to the successful purchaser.

For further information regarding this sale and a copy of the prescribed form of tender, contact:

Ontario Tax sale properties Port Hope

Jennifer Baraga r

Deputy Treasurer

The Corporation of the

Township of South Algonquin

7 Third Avenue

P.O. Box 217

Whitney ON K0J 2M0

613-637-2650 Ext. 201

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