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Social media marketing is the process of building awareness about you, as
a Canadian real estate investor who has solutions for panic home sellers as
well as to seek others who help one another through the various social media

It’s always best to keep your personal and professional life separate
online. “Stories” and “Breaking News” have become all the rage on
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, especially when it comes to fixing and
flipping houses in Canada.

A real-time walk through of your latest fix and flip deals in which you
showcase how you have turned a disaster to win/win — can go a long way for your

When you follow movers and shakers of Canadian real estate who are
likely to get followed by others as well. A trick many real estate
professionals use is to follow the followers of a popular person because they
know that some will follow them back as well.

These are the most popular social media networks for Canadian real
estate investors. You can also follow Navtaj Chandhoke of


Use Facebook to keep in touch with others Canadian real estate investors and


Hashtags are also very important, as people use them to search for a
particular topic on Twitter specifically.



Use Video, Even When It’s Not Perfect. Today, 47% of Canadian real estate
professionals and investors watch more than an hour’s worth of Facebook or
YouTube videos a week.

It’s tempting to skip the expense of shooting and editing a video, but
online video is an important.


Use Instagram Stories and Polls.


LinkedIn is a really good resource to find money partners and the social
media platform that’s most overlooked! People discount this platform as being
useless, but it’s not if it’s used properly!

Use a real photo, showing your face including precise focus that you
area Canadian real estate investor/problem solver willing to help those in

Post many times per day but don’t overdo it

A common question by Canadian real estate investors who are just
beginning on social media is “how many times should I post per day?”

The answer depends on the network.

There are many studies analyzing the effect of posting frequency and
some best practices are:

Facebook – As many times as you want

Twitter – The more you tweet the more exposure you get.

If you share interesting and useful, helping panic home sellers,
investors and professional, you can get more re-share and find more deep
discounted deals.

Every time you are attending Professional real estate investors group (PREIG)
  networking monthly meeting, share it on your social
media. Let everyone knows that you are and will be there.

During the apprenticeship, use every opportunity
to share with others. You want everyone to know that you are Canadian real
estate investor.

It is important to follow the Canadian real estate investors and
professionals, be followed by the like minded people and share relevant and
interesting content always.

There is no excuse not to utilize social media to increase and solidify
your real estate investor investments in Canada.. Most social media platforms
are free, so implement the above tips and you are sure to see your return of
time spent will skyrocket.

The use of a tool like HootSuite is one way to manage social media
accounts without spending too much time. With HootSuite, Canadian real estate
investors can schedule all their posts in one place and far in advance.

These tried-and-true ways to market on social media should help Canadian
real estate investors reach out to panic home sellers, wholesalers, investors
and consequently improve their performance.

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