Vancouver condo sells for just 1,647.39

Vancouver condo sells for just 1,647.39 

Vancouver condo sells for just 1,647.39 for $370K Vancouver condo reports Bethany Lindsay in a Canadian newspaper

April 15, 2015 – Vancouver condo sells for just 1,647.39. Home buyers pay just $1647.39 for $370K Vancouver condo reports Bethany Lindsay in a Canadian newspaper. Vancouver condo sells for just 1,647.39 on June 25, 2014 — before city council cancels the sale. The apartment at 6237 West Blvd., located in a middle-class neighborhood in the city’s west side, went up for auction at the city’s annual property tax sale last fall. It sold for just $1,647.39 — the sum of the taxes supposedly owing on the property, plus a penalty fee and registration charges.


The condo was last assessed at $370,000.00.

Vancouver condo sells for just $1,647.39   Keep in mind the highest bidder was only and only $1647.39.


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