How to Buy Surplus Federal Property in Canada

How to Buy Surplus Federal Property in CanadaHow to Buy Surplus Federal Property in Canada

Public Works and Government Services Canada offers surplus federal real estate for sale. The properties listed on this site are either: currently available for sale to the general public, at market value; or anticipated as being for sale to the general public, at market value. Many of these properties are now listed on the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®).

Using the map, you may click on the Province or Territory in which you would like to search. You may also use the Province drop-down menu above the map which will also allow you to search “all of Canada”. Select a specific Listing Type using the Listing Type radio buttons to the left of the Province drop-down menu. You may also enter a Region / County / District and/or City / Town / Village and/or a Place Name to search in. If you're only interested in properties within a certain price range, enter values in the From and/or To fields in the Price Range section. Finally, to initiate the search click on the Search button.

How to Buy Surplus Federal Property in Canada


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