Fast way of Making money in real estate

Flipping before closing
Rehabber's can wholesale a fixer upper. A quick way of making money in real estate involves the use of the wholesale formula to purchase property no more than 30-60% of its value. Valuable LIVE training on how to buy deep discounted Canadian real estate properties would illustrate a fast way of making money in real estate. Traditional wholesale deal will allow you to find a cash buyer to assign. The wholesale properties that need major repairs are great for builders and renovators.
The pretty house wholesaling is when you wholesale a property subject-to due diligence for 30 banking days. A quick way of making money in real estate would also require investors to specialize in purchasing properties subject-to subject. Investors cash will never be used as well as your credit. However, in order to purchase a property, you should get at least 40 % discount for the back end profit. Real estate is competitive and a numbers game. 



Here is what you do for quick closing and all cash wholesale deal. Let's pretend that you get a Canadian panic seller and they will sell their property at 40-60% discount due to circumstances. They need all cash and closing within a short period of time. This real estate deal is good match for Canadian hard money lenders as well as joint venture partners. This property will be the security for Canadian hard money lender for fast closing. Before closing this real estate deal can be assigned for a fee. Fast way of making money in real estate
Before assigning this wholesale deal, due diligence is must. You must have a copy of appraisal done by Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute (AACI).

Comparable market analysis and 3 estimates from contractors required to assign the deal really fast.
Canadian real estate investors can take over deal provide you go through proper channel

New Canadian investors will find wholesaling very difficult.

Once you have  enters in the purchase and sale contract, make sure due diligence and assignment clause are in place.

Then assignment process begin with fellow Canadian real estate investors at Start advertising How to Buy your deal far below market value.  Get paid by assigning this deal to Canadian real estate investor.
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The above information is provided as a guideline and is not intended to give a professional legal advice. Please consult a real estate lawyer for their opinion on your particular case.

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