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Niagara regional Housing program offers down payment assistance


The purpose of the Home ownership Program is to:

Make home ownership a reality for low to
moderate income households in Niagara

Ease the demand for rental housing by assisting
renter households to buy affordable houses

Niagara regional housing program offers down payment assistanceNiagara regional Housing program offers down payment assistance to home buyers through a 5% forgivable loan to a maximum
of $12,697

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Encourage developers to build affordable housing
Eligible Buyers

To be eligible for a down payment loan a buyer must:

Be a Canadian Citizen, Landed Immigrant or have
Refugee Claimant Status with no outstanding
removal order

Be 18 years of age or older

Not own or have an interest in other residential
properties or owe arrears to a government assisted
affordable housing provider or Niagara Regional Housing

Currently be renting and looking to buy a sole and
principle residence in Niagara

Have a gross household income below $76,700 and
assets below $30,000

Be eligible to obtain a mortgage (Pre-approval required)

Provide documents to prove eligibility

Agree to register loan on title for 20 years

Eligible Homes

New homes

Resale homes (home
inspection required at buyer’s

Purchase price cannot exceed $253,932

May be detached, semi-detached, town home, duplex
or condo

Must be modest in size and features

Cannot be a home in which the buyer or any member of
the buyer’s family has an ownership interest

Please call 905-682-9201 if you require this information in a different format.

Niagara regional Housing program provides Homeowner Assistance:

Homeowners will receive 5% of the cost of an eligible
home (maximum $12,302) at the time of purchase closing

No interest will be charged on the loan

Conditions for Repayment by Homeowner

The original down payment loan (plus five percent of increased
value of the home) must be repaid if:

The home is sold before the 20 year period expires

The homeowner no longer lives in the unit

The homeowner agrees to voluntarily repay the loan

The homeowner is in default of mortgage or NRH loan agreement


For general information or an
application for the Niagara Regional
Housing (NRH) Welcome Home
Niagara Homeownership Program,

Project Manager,
905-682-9201 ext. 3918
or visit
For any other inquiries contact NRH
at 905-
682-9201 or 1-800-232-3292

Niagara Regional Housing
Niagara Region Headquarters
Campbell East,
2201 St. David’s Rd. W
P.O. Box 344, Thorold, ON L2V 3Z3


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