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Undervalued Real Estate properties in Canada are available for those who have taken time to learn from fellow Canadian professional real estate experts with proven record. Majority of Canadians who have attended seminars have invested more money in non Canadian real estate seminars than real estate. They fall for snake oils sales pitch to get rich quick by spending $25K-100k attending seminar after seminar never seeing a real proof.


It seems obvious, but this is a basic plan that works. Most investors in the stock market use the "buy low – sell high"

Undervalued Real Estate
Undervalued Real Estate
simple investing approach. It's pretty much the same when you're thinking of the best way to profit in Canadian real estate investing.

Locating Undervalued Real Estate properties in Canada that you can purchase below their actual value is the best first approach to a successful investment in Canada.

What are the basic causes for undervalued Real Estate properties in Canada?

  1. A family situation, such as a divorce or downsizing
  2. Poor condition and in need of repairs….see ARV or After Repair Value
  3. Title problems that can be remedied, but sellers don't know how or want to deal with it
  4. Foreclosures or those trying to avoid it (short sales)
  5. Homes damaged by flooding, fire or other disaster
  6. The owner is just tired of owning it, sees it as a burden and wants to unload
  7. Inherited property with heirs that want to take out money
  8. Drugs, addiction and or sickness
  9. Tired and burned out landlords
  10. High Debts poor cash flow
  11. Unable to renew current mortgage
  12. Unsold inventory by the Builders
  13. Panic Sellers highly motivated due to transfer, loss of job, economic down turn

There are advanced strategies for those Canadians who want to learn from the experts at Canadian real estate investors strategy apprenticeship .You also need to see it with your bare naked eyes to see if they really exist in Canada. Canadians real estate investors can attend live Eye witness field training to experience how professionals acquire real estate.

These Undervalued Real Estate properties need to be sold and need NOT to be at current market value. You need to have proper training and coaching to buy these undervalued real estate.

  1. Stigmatized
  2. Estate
  3. Seized
    Undervalued Real Estate
    Undervalued Real Estate
  4. Sheriff
  5. Taxes
  6. Haunted­­­­
  7. Grow op
  8. Meth labs
  9. Surplus properties
  10. Pre-foreclosures
  11. Pre power of sales
  12. Insurance
  13. Canadian real estate wholesalers
  14. Canadian real estate auctions
  15. Civil Forfeiture (Canada)

There are other reasons why a property might be undervalued, but these are common ones.Your ability to locate undervalued Real Estate will have a major impact on a real estate investing plan. Critical to this working for you is your ability to correctly assess real value or your resources for those who can do it for you.

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