Home Owner Grant in BC – Canada

Home Owner Grant in BC – Canada

Home owner grant in BC – Canada reduces the amount of property tax you pay for your principal residence.

Home Owner grant in BC Canada

Home owner grant in BC – Canada  is available to qualified residents that pay property taxes to a municipality or the province in a rural area. If you pay your property taxes to a First Nation, contact the First Nation directly.

There are two categories of grants which may reduce your property taxes payable. Depending on your home's assessed value and your age, you may qualify for one of the following:

Basic Grant: up to $570
Additional Grant: for those 65 and older of up to $845

Homeowners eligible for the basic grant must pay a minimum property tax of $350. Homeowners eligible for the additional grant must pay a minimum property tax of $100.

Find out what you may qualify for as a B.C. resident:

Under 65
Person with disabilities
Living with a spouse or relative of a person with disabilities
Spouse or relative of a deceased owner

The Province has reduced the Home owner grant in BC-Canada  threshold for 2014

The 2014 Home owner grant in BC-Canada threshold of assessed value has been lowered to $1,100,000. Home owner grant in BC-Canada is reduced by $5.00 for each $1,000 above the threshold.

As well:

The basic grant is eliminated when the assessed value reaches $1,214,000
The additional grant is eliminated when the assessed value reaches $1,269,000

If you have concerns about the threshold change, please contact the Province's Home Owner Grant Administration Branch:

Email: hogadmin@gov.bc.ca
Call: 1-888-355-2700

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