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Manitoba Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance Program

HOMEWorks! is the first pillar of Manitoba’s new, affordable
income housing strategy, HOUSINGFirst.

Manitoba Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance Program is a $104.5 million, three-year fund to increase the supply of affordable housing in Manitoba through:

• support for the new rental housing, housing
co-operatives and home ownership
• down payment assistance to home buyers
• rent supplements
• renovation options for northern
remote communities

Manitoba Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance ProgramWhat is the Home buyer Down Payment Assistance Program?

The Manitoba Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance Program helps first-time home buyers access new or recently renovated
affordable housing by providing financial assistance for a down payment.
Down-payment assistance may be provided to new home buyers for homes
funded under the Home Ownership Program in:

• designated target areas to a maximum of five per cent of the sale price, plus a
closing cost allowance

• designated northern non-market areas to a maximum of 10 per cent of the sale
price, plus a closing cost allowance

Where is the program available?

The Manitoba Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance Program is available in designated target areas and in northern non-market communities.

Who does the program benefit?

The Manitoba Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance Program is designed for:

• low- to moderate-income Manitobans in designated target areas with incomes
at or below the HOMEWorks! maximum household income limit

Who is eligible for funding?

To be eligible, applicants must be able to obtain a mortgage from a bank or other
lending institution. The mortgage term must be set for a minimum of five years.
The contribution amount is earned over a 10-year period, provided applicants maintain
their home as their principal residence.Home buyers are encouraged to take a
homeowner education course, such as that offered by a bank or financial institution.

Where can I get more information about HOMEWorks!?

For more information:

call 945-5566 in Winnipeg

toll-free in Manitoba 1-866-689-5566 FREE


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