Forgivable Loans Ottawa, Disabled, Low Income Senior Home Owners

Forgivable Loans Ottawa, Disabled, Low Income Senior Home Owners

Ontario Renovates program

The Ontario Renovates program administered
by the City’s Housing Services branch
(“Housing Services”), provides limited funding to
low income seniors and to persons with disabilities
who own their home for necessary repairs and
accessibility modifications to support independent living.

Forgivable Loans Ottawa, Disabled, Low Income Senior Home Owners
Eligibility of applicants

Homeowners who are 65 years of age or older
People with disabilities
Families with a household member(s)
who is a senior or person with a disability
may be eligible if property value and income
criteria are also met (criteria listed below)
The income requirements are based on
household size and are described in the table below:

Ontario Renovates income requirements for homeowners

Household Size Maximum Gross Annual Income
One person $36,075.00
Two person $44,160.00
Three person $53,610.00
Four person $64,320.00
Five person $72,510.00
Six person $81,435.00
Seven or more person $88,900.00
Eligibility of property
Forgivable Loans Ottawa, Disabled, Low Income Senior Home Owners
Your property may be eligible for the program if it is:

Located in the City of Ottawa;

Valued at or under $408,030 as determined by
the province and verified by the owners most
recent property tax or MPAC assessment; and
Your sole and primary residence.

Eligibility of repairs and accessibility modifications

Your home may be eligible for the program
if it requires repairs and/or modifications to
make it safer, more accessible and more
energy efficient. Examples of acceptable
repairs and modifications include, but are not limited to:

electrical and heating systems including chimneys
doors and windows
foundations, roofs, walls, floors and ceilings
septic systems, well water, and well drilling
fire safety
cues for doorbells or fire alarms
ramps, handrails, chair and bath lifts,
height-adjusted countertops
Please note that any repairs or
modifications carried out before the
loan or grant is approved in writing and a
funding agreement is signed are not eligible
and will not be reimbursed.

Scope of funding

The program provides funding in the form o
f a forgivable loan and/or grant for eligible applicants
or participants up to a maximum amount of $18,500:

Grants up to five thousand dollars ($5,000) can
only be used for accessibility modifications to the home.
Forgivable loans up to fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000)
can be used for both accessibility modifications and
essential repairs and must be approved by the
program administration.
The loan will be forgiven if you continue to own
and live in the house for ten (10) years after the
repairs or modifications have been completed.
The amount of the loan is contingent on the total
grant amount taken to equal a maximum of
$18,500 in total funding received by the applicant.
Eligible households can only receive the loan/grant
amount that is verified by quotes for projects.

Forgivable Loans Ottawa, Disabled, Low Income Senior Home Owners
Duration of program

Housing Services is accepting applications and will
continue to do so until all funds are spent or
until March 31st, 2018, whichever comes first.


Once the Housing Services branch has received
the application, the applicant will be contacted
by letter declaring eligibility or non-eligibility.
Applicants will also be notified if documents are missing.

Forgivable Loans Ottawa, Disabled, Low Income Senior Home Owners

Use of funds

Funds awarded can only be used for the purposes
outlined in the Funding Agreement with Housing
Services. If the cost of the necessary repairs or
modifications is more than the maximum amount
of the grant and/or loan provided, you, as the
property owner, may have to cover the additional cost.

Reporting and follow-up

Housing Services may follow up with you annually
to determine if you are the title owner of the property.
If you sell or move within 10 years of receiving a
forgivable loan, you will be required to pay all or a
portion of the loan back to the City.

How to apply for Forgivable Loans Ottawa, Disabled, Low Income Senior Home Owners

Print and complete this application form PDF
opens in a new tab or window [PDF – 162KB]
and provide all necessary documents
Print this checklist PDF opens in a new tab or window
Contact the program at the phone number or
email address below to request an application
package be mailed to you
All applications with necessary documents
must be mailed or delivered to:

City of Ottawa
Housing Services branch
Ontario Renovates program
100 Constellation Drive, 8th Floor West
Ottawa, ON, K2G 6J8

For more information about the Ontario Renovates program,
please call our information line at 613-580-2424 ext. 12300

Top 10 tips to get your Mortgage approved every time in Canada

Top 10 tips to get your mortgage approved every time in Canada requires preparation and due diligence.

Canadian professional real estate investors understand the challenge to get a mortgage with favorable terms.

There are lot of hidden costs built in from all major Canadian banks, lenders and private hard money lenders.

Here are Top 10 tips to get your mortgage approved every time in Canada,

tricks, secrets and strategies, Canadian investors and home owners can use.

1. Have your documents ready to go – if you’re not sure what you’ll need, find out first and get a head start on any paperwork you’re missing.

2. Get a mortgage pre-approval ahead of time – if you are unsure as to whether you will qualify for a mortgage or what you have to do before even qualifying for a mortgage have a lender take a preliminary look at your application so there are no disappointments when you are ready to buy.

3. Have a good credit score – the higher the score the better.Minimum credit of 750 is the best.You can boost and fix your credit by yourself.Strategic Credit Repair Guide from

4. Don’t borrow your down payment if you don’t have to – the more you have from your own resources, the more appealing you look to a lender.Proof of funds make it much easier than otherwise.

5. Have minimal debt – the less, the better.

6. Buy within your means – you need to qualify for what you buy, ensure it’s affordable.

7. Have good job tenure – the longer you’ve been with the same employer, the better it looks.

8. Provide a large down payment – the more the better because it means less risk for the lender.

9. Sell your existing property first – if you don’t sell, you must qualify to carry both.

10. Have good credit repayment history – a good credit score doesn’t mean much if there’s not enough history of debt repayment.

11. Have positive net worth – assets look good to a lender.

12. Don’t rush – sometimes you can’t rush a good thing.

13. Shop around for the best rate before you buy – prevent delays when it comes time to buy. Deal with experienced Canadian mortgage broker with proven record.

14. Do your research first – be prepared to avoid surprises.

15. Don’t change jobs at the last minute – your lender will need the new details and probation can cause issues.

16. Avoid last-minute large purchases – material changes to your application, including debts, can alter your approval status.

17. Consult a professional – use their experience to your advantage.

18. Augment your savings account – more money is always a good thing, right?

19. Understand what a co-signer is – just in case it’s needed, you’ll be ready.

20. Ask for exceptions – you don’t get what you don’t ask for.

21. Be prepared to negotiate – if it’s very important to you, be prepared to discuss it.

22. Don’t take no for an answer – if you don’t succeed on the first try, try and try again.

23. Have a back-up plan – if it doesn’t work out one way, prepare for a plan B.

24. Fill out your paperwork accurately the first time – save time and energy by doing it right the first time. Ask questions if you’re unsure how.

25. Be honest – mortgage approvals can be withdrawn if a falsification is discovered.

26. Know your income if you’re self-employed – it needs to be clearly presented to a lender, so make sure you’re on top of it.

27. Be open to alternatives – there may be other options.

28. Budget for closing costs – costs can vary, be prepared.

29. Pay attention to detail – sometimes it’s the small things that can make a big difference, read the fine print.

30. It’s okay to wait – an approval may not be possible right now, that doesn’t mean it’s never going to happen.

31.Always obtain AACI appraisal in Canada.

32. Get your own credit report to make sure it is clean and there are no errors.

33 Do not allow everyone to check your credit score.

34 Never use more than 60% of available credit.

35.Use owner financing or vendor take mortgages.

36.Be aware of zero percent mortgages from private, government and charities.

37.Ask about penalties before signing up any documents.

38. Be aware of Interest rate differential (IRD)

39. Ask the lender to pay your legal fee.Nothing gains unless you ask for it.

40 Do not renew with the same lender, shop around for better rates and terms.

While the above tips might make getting a mortgage approval a bit more likely, working with an experienced mortgage professional who can successfully structure your application for acceptance by a lender is the quickest route to home ownership.

Once approved, make sure you’re comfortable with the commitment you’re about to make.

Ensure the new mortgage supports your lifestyle by being affordable and aligns with your financial goals.

Please feel free to suggest to add more tips to Top 10 tips to get your mortgage approved every time in Canada.


We believe the information contained in this article to be accurate. It is presented with the understanding that we are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or investment advice. When professional assistance is required, utilize the services of a licensed real estate broker, lawyer, accountant, or other consultant as may be required.

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