Grants for Alberta Disable & Senior Home Owners

RAMP – Residential Access Modification Program

RAMP is a program that helps people with
mobility challenges to modify their homes to be
more accessible.

Grants for Alberta Disable & Senior Home Owners
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Who is eligible for Grants for Alberta Disable & Senior Home Owners?

 Albertans of any age who use wheelchairs
 Seniors who use a wheelchair or four-wheel
 People who have progressive neurodegenerative
diseases, including multiple
sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, ALS (Lou
Gehrig's disease), COPD (chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease), Parkinson's
disease, Alzheimer's disease, spina bifida,
spinal cord injuries, or non-recovering

  Grants for Alberta Disable & Senior Home Owners

What are the income/asset limits?

 Applicants must have a gross household
income of $36,900 or less for a single
person, or $46,500 or less for a couple
 Amount can be increased by $9,600 for
each child under 21 years of age still living
at home and attending school full-time
 Amount can be increased by $7,131 if the
family is applying for a dependent child
under 18 who uses a wheelchair
 For applicants who bought a home within
the last 24 months, property value
thresholds apply as follows:

Calgary $510,000
Edmonton $420,000
Fort McMurray $660,000
Grande Prairie $360,000
Red Deer $390,000
Lethbridge $300,000
Medicine Hat $330,000
All rural areas $276,000

Grants for Alberta Disable & Senior Home Owners

 Property threshold values are also applied
to new homes being built on previously
owned land (new house and land value

How much is the RAMP Grants for Alberta Disable & Senior Home Owners?

 Up to $7,500 per grant
 Clients can get multiple grants of up to
$15,000 in a 10-year benefit period

What modifications are eligible?

 Modifications must enable the wheelchair
user to:
o access their own living space
o move within their own living space
 For a complete list, see:

Is the Grants for Alberta Disable & Senior Home Owners available to people who rent?

 Yes, with approval from the landlord
 Either permanent or temporary
modifications can be done with landlord


Will RAMP fund projects that are already


 If the project falls within RAMP’s policy
guidelines it may be considered
 Applications should be submitted to RAMP
as soon as possible, but no later than 90
days of the project being completed

How to apply

Online application packages are available at:

More information:
Phone: Edmonton local: 780-427-5760
Toll free anywhere in Alberta: 1-877-427-5760

Alberta Community and Social Services
10th floor, Milner Building
10040-104 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 0Z2


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Grants for Alberta Disable & Senior Home Owners
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